I have been working in the fitness industry for nearly four decades and I consider fall the perfect time of year for reflecting, resetting, and re-igniting my goals for the fall and the rest of 2023. Particularly after dedicating substantial time to an industry or profession, it becomes crucial to identify moments throughout the year for rejuvenation and replenishment. This practice is essential to maintain your “MO’tivation” and ensure continuous progress. To me, the canfitpro Global Conference and Trade Show, renowned as the foremost event in the Canadian fitness industry, consistently serves as a significant source of “MO’tivation” and inspiration, playing a pivotal role in revitalizing my spirit.

Together with over 8,500 industry friends and colleagues, fellow associates, presenters and volunteers –both in-person and online – we celebrated canfitpro 30th anniversary with our annual Global Conference and Trade Show August 16-20. canfitpro is the leading fitness education and training organization in Canada, and I was honoured (and more than a little surprised!) to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from canfitpro at the Opening Ceremonies.

Working with canfitpro and having the responsibility of shaping the Canadian fitness industry as an influencer has without a doubt been a labour of love. This event and all that I experienced made me think about my time in the fitness industry and what has kept me MO’ving.

Mo Hagan receiving her Lifetime Achievement Award

Having events and milestones to celebrate is one way to keep you engaged and MO’ving forward in your career. It’s also important to network and connect with others. I love taking part in our canfitpro annual conference because it really exemplifies the whole life-cycle or career circle of a fitness professional, which can teach you a lot about launching or refueling your dream career. Many of us who enter the fitness industry and decide to become fitness professionals were MO’st likely inspired by someone and then influenced to get certified as a group fitness instructor (like myself) or a personal trainer. After becoming certified, canfipro is there to support new fitpros with continuing education to continue their fitness career journey. Attending canfitpro events can trigger growth and doing canfitpro events -in-person or online – not only helps you maintain your certification current but also enables you to level up and gain fresh insights into your career and personal journey. There’s no telling where this road will take you – someday you may become the next presenter, expert trainer, canfitpro PRO TRAINER perhaps, or even the Fitness Profession of the Year!! The multitude of individuals I encountered during the conference who recounted stories about how their inaugural attendance or the influence of a respected figure in their club or community MO’tivated them to join canfitpro, never ceases to amaze me. These narratives often revolve around how these experiences ignited a passion within them, propelling them on a transformative journey that ultimately led to their role as distinguished presenters in our lineup this year.

Celebrating 30 years at the 2023 canfitpro Global Conference and Trade Show!

Some other highlights from this year’s canfitpro Global event included the 10th Annual Women Who Influence Event, another event that I started ten years ago which is very near and dear to my heart; the Fitness Industry Council’s State of the Industry Panel and the excitement of presenting numerous awards to outstanding fitness professionals at both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Mo Hagan posing with two women at the Women Who Influence conference.

Courage was the theme of our canfitpro Global event and 30th anniversary celebrations this year. It takes courage to make your MO’ve and launch or refuel your dream career. That’s why it is so important to find friends, mentors, and allies to learn from and build support networks. Together we are stronger and can go much further than on our own.

“Courage” stood centerstage as the theme for this year’s canfitpro Global event and the commemoration of our 30th anniversary. Leading with courage is a fundamental prerequisite for initiating change, pursuing growth, and embarking on the journey to either kickstart or rejuvenate one’s dream career. This underscores the paramount significance of nurturing connections with friends, mentors, and allies who not only provide wells of wisdom but also contribute to the establishment of robust support networks. The collective strength generated through unity enables us to surpass individual limits and venture much farther than we ever could alone.

Leaving behind this MO’st eventful August, I’m eager to embrace September, a month that sparks a second wave of growth and vitality. September is a season of change and a pivotal time of transition in the year. It signifies the beginning of autumn as we say farewell to summer. Last month, at the canfitpro Global Conference and Trade Show was a whirlwind of activity and inspiration of what is new and upcoming in the fitness industry, and I am excited to keep the energy and MO’mentum going by acting on all that I learned! This MO’nth of September my focus and MO’tivation centers on launching into and refuelling your dream career. 

To keep sharing the passion for career growth and development, on my podcast this month, I am sharing with you a MO’tivating conversation with Lisa Doughtery, Founder and CEO of the MedFit Network, about her journey with building her dream business and career and what keeps her MO’tivating and MO’ving forward.

Now it’s your turn! What is one MO’ve you are going to make this MO’nth? Is it launching a business or refuelling your career? What is calling on your courage this MO’nth? And for the rest of 2023? 

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite books Oh! The Places You’ll Go!  I leave you with this MO’tivational quote: “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!”

Until next MO’nth!

Yours in Health and Fitness,


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