The global pandemic has swept us into a time of unprecedented knowing; knowing what to do, how to do it and when to pivot and change course. As challenging as the last three months has been it has made us realize the importance of knowing how to adapt and change and how important transforming is for our success and survival.

Fitness professionals are experts in transformation. As fitness professionals we hold a powerful position in helping and supporting one another, our friends and even our entire communities within and external to our fitness environment with the transitions and transformation. We understand and are committed to creating change in our own health and fitness and helping and inspiring others to create change in their health and fitness. As we approach re-opening our clubs and studios and returning to work in our bricks and mortar fitness facilities, we all must accept and operate with changes to the way we do things in our capacities as fitness professionals. This will be necessary to navigate the “new normal”.

This is an unprecedented time for us to truly commit to inspiring ourselves and others as champions of change. We have had to face and will continue to face enormous changes in our industry and lives now and for a long time as a result of this crisis. Change is inevitable but just know we will get through this together whether you choose to move with it or be moved by it. Often, the challenge and impediments to change are the fear and uncertainty that accompany it. I guarantee there will be challenges along the way as we progress with our re-opening stages and plans, but we cannot let these challenges stall our progress. So, I encourage you to dig deep, summon your courage, step into the fear and be open and resilient to whatever comes your way.  Leading by example is one of the greatest ways that you will make a difference and be successful in your return to working in your communities and navigating the “new normal” we all are going to have to accept and learn to function in.

To transform we must go through a personal transformation. The old way we approached situations, behaved, and acted may not be suitable to the new reality we will have to embrace and in which we will exist.  At first, it may feel disorienting. We have all probably experienced disorientation in many contexts since this crisis catapulted us into unprecedented circumstances. The world will not be returning to the way it was. As a result, you may still feel some of this disorientation upon returning to your old positions and working environments which will not be the same as they were when you left. These feelings of disorientation, fear, anxiety, even anger and potentially grief for losing what we had and not being able to return to may entice you to slip into the old ways of doing things. Although these feelings and behaviours are natural, they will distract us from being at our best as leaders. How can you examine and process these feelings? Have patience and compassion with yourself and others. We are in this together and many of us are going through similar and shared experiences. We must reach for feelings of hope and reach out for help when needed especially as you explore and navigate your options, new processes and protocols, new and revised roles. Realize that many of us will have these similar feelings but we cannot let them overrun and prevent us from MO’ving forward.

Planning your course of action is a proactive way to MO’ve through the fear and negative emotions that can drag you down. Know your WHY because knowing why will show you the way.  Part of your planning for the future to support a smoother reopening and return to work should be to strengthen competency levels in yourself and your team. Take time to run inventory and if required renovate or make the changes you need to ensure you, your team, your brand and reputation and, your business is ready for re-opening safely. Gaining the knowledge and skills you need to support your plan is incredibly essential and re-uniting with your network and community is critical. Encourage self-development or ongoing personal and professional education that will prepare you and your team for a healthy ‘bounce-back’ when your business re-opens.  Check with your training and certification provider for options and ideas to support you in this. This will also build your competence and confidence in your new roles and responsibilities, which will further dispel those negative feelings that can creep back in. Also, check out the canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series and register here. This is a great opportunity to educate yourself and improve and expand your knowledge as a fitness professional which will support and refine your plan or you may find new ideas to inspire and transform your career by attending sessions delivered from some of the greatest fitness industry experts.

Communicate with clarity and compassion your plan and connect your WHY with the communication of your vision.  Developing a plan in conjunction with this will be exceedingly powerful—this is your roadmap. Having these pieces in place will help you navigate the new normal and remain focused and committed to the course. Now is the perfect time to reflect on and renew your commitment to your fitness and health. Be renewing your commitment to your fitness and health you will find purpose and your purpose has power to MO’ve and generate MO’mentum to speed you through anything and everything.

If you are a fitness leader, I encourage you to take up the challenge and show up in the rooms where your peers will be –live and virtually.  Leading by example gives you the power and inspires others, whether you realize it or not. We all can lead in how we choose to see our situation and act in our roles and as role models and mentors for one another. Our attitudes influence our thoughts and behaviours and this will shape new leadership habits and outcomes.

This month I am committed to sharing inspiring ideas to MO’tivate you in renewing your commitment to health and fitness and building new fitness habits into your lifestyle that will support you in navigating the new normal. Want more? Ready to get started? Check out and join me in my June Video MO’ve with Mo Work Out Program!

And be sure to check out my interview with Roger Petersen from Breakfast Television, where we talk about the importance of physical health in these times and how fitness centers plan on being reintroduced back into the public.

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