Spring is the time for renewed energy, new beginnings, and fresh growth. As nature bursts forth with new life, so too can we invigorate our personal and professional pursuits. Spring ignites a sense of revitalization, MO’tivating us to set ambitious goals and chase after them with enthusiasm. Yet, the journey towards success isn’t always smooth. It’s during times of challenge and setback that our resilience is truly tested. Just as a sturdy tree relies on its deep roots to weather storms, we must draw upon our inner strength to persevere. In this blog, we’ll explore how to harness the MO’mentum of spring, confront obstacles, address weaknesses so we can overcome obstacles, and ultimately achieve our goals. 

Procrastination is one of the MO’st common obstacles or roadblocks to creating change. I confess I struggle with procrastination. I enjoy being creative and innovative, but I find it difficult to stay on course with the minute details, especially when my work invites me to work on several projects at the same time. Task overload and getting distracted by all the new trends often lead me to neglect the tried and true, foundational progress required to see things through to the finish, even when I know how good it feels to cross the finish line.  

I recognize my tendency is to procrastinate and it’s something that I am committed to working on this season. I recently came across this blog series and course by my good friend Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas on how to stop overthinking and procrastination. Nathalie’s training and advise here in her blog series MO’tivated me to contemplate strategies for reducing my tendency to procrastinate. In alignment with my 2024 theme “to MO’ve your self-care, self-development and self-empowerment forward and create change” here are some of my thoughts and tips to help you spring into MO’tion and keep MO’ving in the direction of your goals and true purpose in life.

Self-Care: Renew Your Skin Care Routine

Procrastination can make us feel bad about ourselves which keeps us from MO’ving forward. This is why self-care is essential for keeping us strong and resilient. I start and finish each day with a healthy skincare self-care routine specific for this reason. Not only is springtime a perfect time to renew and refresh our self-care routines, having a self-care routine to start and finish your day is a great exercise to bring you into positive self-awareness which can help counterbalance feelings of frustration, shame, or guilt from procrastinating on those not-so-magnificent days. Committing to a morning and evening self-care routine can be a great first step to set us up for confronting and overcoming procrastination in our lives.

To give you some fresh ideas and inspiration for creating your new springtime skincare self-care routine I am running a special discount on skincare self-care products on my site from April 2-8. ALL NuSkin products will be at wholesale pricing for the first seven days of April. Check out these products and be inspired here.

Self-Development: Learn A New Skill or Sign up for a Course

Sometimes, our procrastination is caused by not having the skills or knowledge we need to achieve our goals and/or overcome our weaknesses. Consider what steps you need to take for self-development to gain the knowledge and skills to break through obstacles in your own habits and behavior and achieve your goals. Where can you learn these skills? Who are the people you can talk to and seek advice from? The process of learning and obtaining the knowledge you need is incredibly MO’tivating and propels you to make progress towards your goals.  For me, I always seek to learn from my mentors, and I’m blessed to have many. I am MO’tivated by deadlines to renew both my license to practice physiotherapy (yes, I am still a licensed physiotherapist 😊) and various fitness certifications.   Continuing education and training fuels my passion as a leader and teacher and keeps me MO’ving forward. 

I’m looking forward to increasing my knowledge and being inspired by learning something new at two upcoming events: canfitpro ASPIRES Women’s Health and Fitness on May 3 and the canfitpro Global Conference and Trade Show on August 9 and 10. Both events are going to offer fantastic sessions with rich learning. In addition, investing in personal and professional development and leadership training, committing to my community and profession by showing up for my peers and my profession, being seen, heard, and involved are all essential as professionals.  On a personal level planning for and investing in events like the two mentioned here help hold us accountable in beating procrastination and MO’ving towards our goals.    

Self-Empowerment: Practice Humility and Embrace Your Procrastination Tendencies

Let’s face it – we all tend to procrastinate. It’s part of being human. Once you honestly confront this fact, you will experience a newfound level of self-empowerment and freedom.  Taking this step of releasing and acknowledging is crucial for us to start MO’ving forward and getting past our procrastination. It helps us become more proactive and focused on finding solutions, which is the change we need to make. Identifying your weaknesses and dedicating time to improve them will lead to long-term improvement and help you MO’ve forward faster and further.

This requires us to set aside time and detach ourselves from distraction. So, my challenge to you this week or MO’nth is to set aside time, even if it is just 15 minutes in the morning to reflect on what your goals and priorities are and confront your biggest distractions.  From here you can decide on a plan that will help you spring into MO’tion and keep MO’ving!If you are not sure where to start and are looking for a way to get focused on figuring out your goals to MO’ve you forward this year, I encourage you to check out my 2024 Guide to MO’ve your Self-care, Self-development and Self-empowerment Forward and Create Change. In this resource, you will find my MO’st effective strategies to get you MO’ving.  Getting into MO’tion begins with one step.  Remember “Every great journey starts with a single step” (Maya Angelou).

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