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Mo Hagan is based in London, Ontario and works

Mo is available to teach, train or speak on a wide range of fitness, health, anti-aging, wellness and leadership topics. Her uplifting and engaging speaking style will stand out as a keynote at a special event. She is also available to train or coach smaller groups and individuals.

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Core training is at the center of it all!  Your members and clients demand a strong core to get them through their daily lives safe and efficiently and not to mention it is the most in-demand area for conditioning at the gym.  Strong abs, powerful posture and a durable back is where the focus of all core conditioning needs to be.  Maureen, a licenced physiotherapist and physical health educator has been teaching and training clients and participants, even the corporate business person how to turn on, tune up their core muscles for improving posture and reducing back pain and injury since the late 1980’s and she continues to educate participants practically in her group exercise classes and workshop trainings.  Maureen will lead session participants through a practical training session that includes assessment and analysis of neutral spine and core mechanics. This practical workshop will assist fitness professionals in refining and progressing their skills and exercise design with core control and performance at the center of it all.  A variety of equipment options will assist this session, with body weight the most important tool of all.

  Learning to lead is having the ability to relate and to connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives. In this general session you will explore seven ways of leading and learn how to evolve as a leader that will best serve you in your role within the fitness industry. (Equipment: data projector with overhead screen). Mo can custom design workouts, workshops, lecture and corporate keynotes as requested.
Fitness and physical activity feels good at any age but less than 20 percent of the North American population exercises enough to reap the benefits associated with regular physical activity and this statistic declines with age. Every day for the next 17 years, 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65, the ‘senior’ population will double and the ‘oldest old’ (85+) will become the most rapidly growing segment of the elderly population. Motivating this population will require personal trainers, group exercise instructors and fitness professionals in general to re-look at how they program, market and advertise, sell and service this growing segment of the population. Seven significant principles of training will be presented along with a case study from one of the top ‘age-friendly’ cities in Canada . (Equipment: data projector and overhead screen).
  This session targets individuals with chronic back problems associated with the daily stresses of immobility and sedentary living. Participants will learn to assess posture and understand the importance of “neutral” spine”, evaluate core strength requirement for function, and assess common muscle imbalances associated with problematic backs. Exercises will be taught for achieving optimal back health utilizing body position and selected equipment/tools. This session is also recommended for instructors/trainers who wish to educate and guide their clients with healthy backs! Equipment options: stability ball, medicine/plyo balls or dumbbells, resistance tubing- 1 per 2 participants). *This can also be delivered as a two-part (Lecture followed by a workshop).  
Discover how to integrate weight-bearing aerobic movement patterns with functional strength movement patterns to create a total body conditioning class that helps active boomers defy the ageing process by strengthening heart and muscles, boosting metabolism, building bone density, enhancing mind-body connection and much more. Maureen will present and integrate seven unique training methods and a proven teaching approach that will assist new and experienced instructors in learning and delivering this training concept in a 60 minute class format. (Equipment—data projector and overhead screen for lecture, 1,2,3 pound dumbbells; 1 set per participant for workout).  *This can also be delivered as a two-part (Lecture followed by a workshop).
  Core training is the foundation for training anybody in any environment—land or water! Exercisers demand a strong and functional (not to mention fabulous looking) core to get them through their daily lives safe and efficiently. Strong abs, powerful posture, a durable back and, stable and mobile shoulders, spine and hips is where the focus of all core conditioning programs needs to be. Maureen, a physiotherapist and physical health educator will lead participants through a practical training session that includes analysis of neutral spine mechanics, overview of program design incorporating properties of water and a CORE water workout. This practical workshop will assist group aqua instructors and personal trainers, who are interested in training their clients in water, in refining and progressing their skills and exercise repertoire, with core at the center of it all! This session is a lecture, followed by an active workshop.
No matter what age you are at some time in your life, more than 80 percent of the population will experience back pain and, or injury. The risk for chronic back pain increases as you age – find out why. Learn how to observe “postural types” and how to help correct postural faults and imbalances with exercises that improve mobility, stability and functional strength that will ultimately lead to better posture and a healthy back long term. Discover a practical training approach for developing a better back no matter the age.
Building a functionally strong body for the golden years requires you to train muscles with purpose for movement that matters. Trainings muscles for performance in daily activities, both routine and unexpected means that the strength gained will be helpful for protecting the body form age-related loss of strength, function and energy. In this session, you will learn about training principles based on a pyramid of training followed by a workout that will introduce you to functionally designed exercise progressions that will serve both a group exercise instructor or personal trainer’s needs.
Baby boomers may have varied goals and fitness levels but they all share one thing—they want to defy aging and live stronger for longer.  This dynamic and effective full body workout combines six basic movement patterns with a variety of functional movement progressions designed to enhance overall fitness, strength, and mobility, minimize injury and slow the aging process. Mo will be sure to share her secret weapons to being in the best shape of her life now over 50, so whether you’re a boomer or want to get a head start on preserving your youthfulness, be sure to come out and learn these training principles and anti-aging practices.