Setting goals to care for ourselves and our health, fitness and well-being is a common New Year’s resolution. Forbes shares some interesting stats and facts about New Year’s resolutions and goals. According to their data, 48% of people will commit to improving their fitness in 2024 while 36% of people will make improving their mental health their top resolution. However, this year only 22% of respondents said they would be able to keep themselves accountable and stick to their goals, whereas last year those that were confident that they would remain accountable were 77%! What this tells us is that caring for ourselves, our fitness and our mental health are important priorities, but to remain accountable, we need help and support from each other.

In recent years, my main goal has been to choose a word or phrase to guide my intentions for the New Year. In 2024, my three words are CARE, CHANGE, and POWER. These words inspire my January 2024 blog series, and I hope my words will inspire you to find your word(s) that will help you create the change you desire in 2024.  It is important to remember that words arise from your thoughts and can become your actions.  Your actions can shape your habits which in turn shape your character and ultimately, your destiny. 

In my first blog post of this series, I discussed the significance of understanding and reigniting your WHY to jumpstart your new year. In case you haven’t read this blog yet, you can find it here. Once you find and connect with your WHY, it’s important to build systems and strategies that will assist you in keeping your WHY alive. This second blog post in my January Series will concentrate on self-CARE, ensuring your passion and MO’tivtion remain strong throughout 2024.

Why Self-Care is important to your WHY

As I mentioned previously in Blog #1, we need to do inner work and engage in self-reflection to uncover our WHY. Inner work and personal reflection are strengthened by self-care. According to the Canadian Association for Mental Health (CAMH), self-care means “taking time to do things that you enjoy or that make you feel better”. Self-care has been associated with and may support resilience. This means, prioritizing self-care is key to helping you stay focused on your chosen direction for 2024 and facing the stress and challenges that could hinder your success.

How will you Commit to Your Self-Care and Wellness in 2024?

In a previous blog post, I explored the importance of finding a WAY to live my WHY. I spoke about the canfitpro 2024 Health and Fitness Trends and how I have relied on trends reports to inspire actions I take. Wellness tourism is a growing phenomenon that is predicted to increase by 21% and reach $1.1B in value by 2025. Mark your calendar for April 2024 because I’ll be co-hosting an all-inclusive wellness retreat in Antigua with Nathalie Lacome and Loredana Wainwright. We will guide you through an unforgettable self-care experience as your onsite wellness champions. The retreat will take place at the stunning newly renovated Verandah resort.

By hosting this wellness retreat, I am tapping into Trends #3, #5, and #7 on canfitrpo’s Health & Fitness Trends 2024. Wellness retreats align very well with Trend #3, which is mental health and stress management programs. Wellness retreats aim to support travellers in reaching holistic wellness goals and improving their mental health and stress management, through experiences and excursions. Wellness retreats align with Trend #5 by offering group fitness activities, programs and classes. At our retreat in Antigua, there will be daily grounding yoga and meditation for all levels, Aqua Zen and Joyful MO’vement workouts, a hiking excursion to Antigua’s famous “Pillars of Hercules” and MO’re! Friendships and connections are sure to be made through these activities that will boost our social health and well-being and last long after the retreat is over! Lastly, wellness retreats address Trend #7 by incorporating mind and body programs. A wellness retreat is about taking care of your mind and body, feeling good, and deepening your connection with yourself.

Join us April 6-13 2024 for a week to refresh, rejuvenate, and re-ignite your mind, body, and spirit!

Find more information here, including the full calendar of activities and how to reserve your spot. We hope you’ll come and join us! 

Having this retreat in April gives me something to look forward to for the first quarter of 2024 and helps me stay motivated and accountable for my self-care journey and practices. I’m excited to challenge myself and build new habits before the retreat, and I’m curious to see how participating in the retreat will transform my self-care practice. 

I also see this retreat as a way to stay on track and reset if needed. It’s easy to set goals at the start of the year and all too soon life can get in the way within a month or two. While the time a resolution lasts is variable, the Forbes Health/One Poll survey found that the average resolution lasts bout 3.74 months. These findings suggest that the timing of our retreat is perfect to maximize the success of our commitment to self-care and wellness established at New Year’s.

Why not give yourself this gift of self-care and renewal? This retreat is not your typical vacation. It is an experience that none of us will ever forget. As I have said before, in order for things to change, we must change. To pursue our dreams and goals, we must embrace growth and change. To experience MO’re from our lives we have to become MO’re than we were before and self-care is both the starting point and the foundation to get you to that next point.

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MO’re Strategies for Self-care

Let’s start taking care of ourselves now, even if we can’t be together in Antigua until April. Discover my top self-care strategies in the 30-Day Gifts of Self-Care MO’ments Challenge.

Stay tuned for next week’s post where we dive into my second word CHANGE and how self-development is a mindset and builds the MO’mentum for CHANGE in our lives.

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