We’ve all heard (or used) the phrase, “Age is just a number.” According to fitness innovator Maureen “Mo” Hagan, that statement is 100 percent accurate. “I truly believe that age is a number and that your brain only understands what you tell it,” Hagan says.

The vice president of program innovation for Canada-based GoodLife Fitness and an active aging expert believes that numbers are limiting. Rather, she likes to view age as an ability. Because “ability is unlimited,” Hagan says.

Hagan has been working in the fitness industry for more than 30 years and teaches multiple classes a week, as well as designs her own class formats. Her background as a physiotherapist allows her unique insight and the ability to bring what she calls “intelligent awareness” into the fitness world. “I help fitness instructors and personal trainers build programs that I can be really proud of, knowing that they’re based on smart science and proper movement mechanics,” she says.

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