The three words that I associate with springtime are: renew, reconnect, and refresh. I will share with you what each of these words means and why they are even more significant than ever for me and should be for you, this year.

Renewal means “an instance of resuming something after an interruption”. The COVID-19 pandemic was a monumental interruption. There is no doubt we all agree on this. This makes a focus on renewal even more vital. With the energy that is building this month, we can tap into the MO’tivation to renew our relationships and sense of belonging. What activities and relationships do you need to renew? How about you pick one to start this month?! HINT—if you have not renewed your gym membership yet, consider getting back to the gym to renew your relationship with fitness.

Reconnect means “to connect back together”. We have been a part for a very long time. I attended my first in-person meeting in two years last month and it got me thinking about the power of in-person connection. While it has been a blessing to be able to stay connected virtually, the energy and sense of belonging that comes from being with someone in-person is a gift. I confess it took courage to get me out the door and to this event. Yes, it would have been easier to stay home and click a Zoom link. But easier does not always mean better and the diversity of options to reconnect and grow with the return of in-person events is thrilling. I can share with you that from my personal experience being back to an in-person event the experience was absolutely worth the effort and I felt enriched and re-invigorated with the opportunity to reconnect.

This is why I am as excited as my fitness family at canfitpro to welcome back fitness professionals, industry owners and operators, our education partners, sponsors and exhibitors and fitness consumers, back to Toronto to reconnect at the canfitpro Global Conference and Trade Show on August 10 to 14!

Starting immediately, we can reconnect not only with others but with ourselves. With three months of the year behind us, now is a good time to check in with yourself, your vision for 2022 and reconnect with your WHY. How are things going? Do you still feel the energy and alignment that you felt in January and if not, what steps can you take to reconnect with your WHY?

If you are seeking help to reconnect with your WHY and need something, or someone, to help support you, then consider joining me on August 11th for this one-of-a-kind connection event 8th Annual Women Who Influence. This event always reconnects me to my WHY and my purpose and serves to refresh my spirit.

Refresh means “to give new strength or energy to” something or “to reinvigorate”. This is a powerful word and a great intention to set for yourself this month. 

What are some ways that you can refresh your routines whether that be exercise, nutrition, self-care, or skin-care routine? 

What about your work environment? Your home environment? Do these spaces feel welcoming and does this environment make you feel like you belong? 

Speaking of the environment, did you know that April 22 is Earth Day?! What is Earth Day you may ask? Earth Day is a national day that is dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues. It is an action-oriented campaign with a call to action to get as many people as possible to take action and commit to making changes in their work and lives to help the environment. We are facing a climate emergency and small steps in the right direction can build MO’mentum and make a massive impact. Stay tuned and watch my social media this month where I will be sharing some of the ways I have learned to work and live more sustainably. Join me on April 22 and celebrate #earthdayathome

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