Try these three key poses that will help you increase confidence in any situation and allow you to change your mood during the day. When you adopt one, make sure you take up a lot of space and hold your arms and legs away from your body.

The first pose is “The Wonder Woman” power pose.

In this pose, you stand with your feet apart, your hands on your hips, and your chin tilted upward. This is a confident pose that can be adopted to any conversation. However be aware of the tone of the pose – if you aren’t smiling this pose looks like it could be confrontational. You’ll be surprised to find that your attitudes will often follow from these behaviors. That means assuming the body language of a powerful person can make you feel confident. On the other hand, shouting, “I’m awesome!” requires first a substantial attitude shift, which most of us know isn’t so easy to make.

The second pose is taken from the gym.

When we stand in the mirror flexing our biceps we are sending ourselves the subliminal message that says “I’m strong”. Adopting this body language can change the way other people see and act toward you, which in turn reinforces your behavior.

The last pose is the Victory Pose.

Before an important moment like public speaking or an interview, sneak off to the washroom for a private Victory Pose. Stand as if you’re soaking in the applause after an encore performance. Hold each pose for two minutes to set those hormonal changes in motion and give you the confidence you need to ace the interview. Power posing is a simple but effective way to change your mood and attitude. Try it and tell us what you think?

Create MO’re Confidence in Body, Mind and Life!


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