Our business education partner NPE has just released a new podcast called “Secrets To Their Fitness Business Success” featuring top entrepreneurs and leaders from around the world.

And canfitpro COO Mo Hagan has been featured on one of the first episodes titled “Stand in (and Find) Your Strength To Grow.”

Click here to listen to “Ep 5: Mo Hagan – Stand in (and Find) Your Strength To Grow”

For many years the fitness industry has been dominated by male leaders at the top. It has been a “boys club.” But Mo Hagan is one of a few key influential female leaders worldwide who has challenged that culture, broken through, and continues inspiring and developing female entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe.

From starting out as a physical education teacher in Canada, to taking a chance on following her heart to pursue an unconventional path centered around her passions of teaching and traveling to spread the word of fitness, Mo has truly created the life she’s always dreamed of for herself. She has several powerful messages to share around why it’s so important to get clear and understand your WHY, see obstacles as opportunities to push through and grow, find a mentor and don’t try to go it alone, and why you can’t sit behind your desk… you’ve got to get out there and attend events to learn and grow.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How Mo started as a physical education teacher and created her own career path to follow her passion of teaching and traveling the globe in the fitness industry.
  2. How she continued applying for a job for 6 months, eventually offered to work for free, and finally got a breakthrough to begin her career teaching fitness with Goodlife.
  3. How she took a job with no security, terrible pay, no job description, and followed her heart to begin her journey working for David ‘Patch’ Patchell-Evans – one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in the fitness industry.
  4. How she and Patch started the largest fitness education show in the world 26 years ago while establishing a vision and planning around the Patch’s kitchen table.
  5. How the canfitpro certification program was started to build the workforce and talent needed to grow the entire fitness industry in Canada (and now it sits at 21,000+ strong).
  6. How they’ve had to take steps backward to progress several steps forward in finding the people and building the team (and company) needed to deliver the quality needed to grow.
  7. Why Mo is so passionate about developing and empowering women leaders in the fitness industry and how she’s launched and grown “Women Who Influence” the largest women’s leadership event in the world.
  8. How to stand in your strength (and find your strength) by surrounding yourself with others to grow.
  9. Why it’s so important to do the work required to get clear and understand your way.
  10. The key to seeing obstacles as opportunities to push through and grow.
  11. Why you should find a mentor and don’t try to go it alone.
  12. Why you must never stop learning and must continue evolving to stay relevant and ahead with your career and business.
  13. And much more…

Click here to listen to “Ep 5: Mo Hagan – Stand in (and Find) Your Strength To Grow”

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