Perfection Detox Podcast: Episode 56 - Learn as You Earn

Perfection Detox Podcast: Episode 56 - Learn as You Earn



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Mo is truly a powerhouse in the industry of fitness and female leadership. In this episode she shares the many moments and magic that have happened throughout her career.

After three decades in the industry Mo reveals what it is that keeps her going day in and day out.  She shares that it is her sense of purpose that keeps her inspired through the good and also through the not so good moments. We talk about the importance of finding our why behind our work and that the why does not need to come with a big W.  Mo’s why is to positively impact people through her work.

Mo talked about being recently diagnosed with arthritis in her hips. She understood that this was the time to figure out how to take care of herself as she had been telling others to do. This was her wake up call – the nudge that reminded her that she had been so busy she had ignored the signs to slow down. Mo recognized her need to “do” versus “be” and how many moments she had missed fully experiencing due to running so fast.

We discuss the event she founded and created called “Women Who Influence.” This inspirational gathering of women leaders recently celebrated its 4th year. Mo had seen a lack of female leadership in the fitness industry and decided to do something about it. Say it “can’t be done” and Mo will explore ways to make it happen. Premiering  with 50 participants at her first event in Canada, Women Who Influence now sells out a