We have made it to the end of 2020 and oh what a year it’s been—definitely one for the history books. When I reflect on this epic year, and all that has taken place to transform our world since New Year’s Eve 2019, I find myself somewhat somber and looking for the words to accurately describe the year 2020.  It’s been one hell of a journey and oh the place’s you’ll go when you have no choice but to keep MO’ving forward.  In that light I created this 4-part strategy to “navigating a new way forward for what serves you best in 2021” and I hope that you have been finding this blog to be a good resource and guide for you.  It is my intention to help you recover, reset and reboot your strength and energy for 2021,  while at the same time renewing your WHY.

We now have learned three of the four strategies. For this last post, grab your journal and get ready to take some good notes as I am going to quickly take you through the series from the beginning with the key actions and takeaways before I give you the last part of the series. This is by far the best part that ties everything together. You don’t want to miss this!


In Part 1: Reflect on What is Good and Where You Have Grown we learned about the power of reflection as one of the most powerful tools to help set us on an alternative course and help keep us MO’ving.

ACTION: Identify 5 ways you have grown and 5 silver linings that have strengthened you in navigating 2020. Write these in your journal.

In Part 2: Stay Connected with Community  we explored the power of connection and the importance of being community-minded and finding role models and inspiration in working with others. We can be strong on our own, but so much stronger together. We all need a coach, cheerleader and confidant to help us navigate our course. Healthy, strong communities give us a sense of belonging and place in the world.

ACTION: Think back on 2020 to the communities you were part of and who you know, who has supported you and who have you supported to get through this year? Now, ask yourself how you can be a better member of these communities to which you belong. What is one thing you can do to support this in 2021? Are there other communities you want to become part of? How will you reach out to them and expand your network and alliances in your communities and in your professional networks? Or who is a critical partner you would like to work with in 2021? I encourage you to write both the communities you are part of now and 3 goals to expand your network in 2021.

In Part 3: Refine Your WHY and Be Open to Pivot I remind us of the power of your WHY, which is a driving force behind your course and direction in work and life. Knowing your WHY connects you to the essence of who you truly are. In addition, it is also important to be open-minded and be willing to go deeper to refine your WHY and be open to pivot. To pivot means creating a change of direction around your axis and when you pivot you are changing and adapting to a new course, while remaining steadfast in where your axis (your WHY) remains.

ACTION: Take note of the date for the first ever global WHY SUMMIT – January 29 and 30. This is a one-of-a-kind soul-care spectacular which I will present with #WHYGUY Gerry Visca and Angela Kontgen that will shift our energy and intention and set us all up for an inspiring and MO’mentus kick-start to 2021! You can find out more and register directly for the event here.

Part 4 – Act As If and Write the Story You Want to Tell

“Act as if” is a technique to help you manifest your dreams. At the heart of this technique is the reminder that you are the author of your own story. You are the one to write your story, plan and chart your course. It takes courage and responsibility, but the results are liberating and fulfilling.

To prepare to live the story you wish to tell, you need to begin with WHY. When you know your WHY, the way will appear and shine a light on your true authentic purpose (that is why we focused on this so much in Part 3!). Sharing stories is a powerful practice and process which I know will help you connect deeper (with both self and others), stay more resilient, and start 2021 stronger. Stories are a way to create interest and stir up emotions. As human beings, we have developed through the tradition of telling stories. People experience an emotional connection to what is going on through the story, Everyone has a story. One person’s story is no more important than another’s. We find meaning and understand the reason for our experience through telling our story and honouring each other’s stories. This attitude will shift you from just “going through the MO’tions” to actually living and becoming the person you most desire to be, and help others do the same.

ACTION: I encourage you to write your own story. What gets you out of bed every morning? What has led you to where you are today?  What were the key MO’ments? Who have you become along the way? What do you want to be remembered for MO’st? What are three behaviours or actions you can take every day to “act as if” and be the person you want to be?

These questions are a great starting point to help you get started on the journey of writing your story.

I’m excited to be working on the next chapter of a story that has been unfolding for more than 20 years.  Obviously the last year has been tremendously impactful and it has become clear to me that it is now necessary to bring this story to the attention of the public as the world needs to know… So, stay tuned!!!

As we prepare to MO’ve into 2021, my key advice to help you get started, build MO’mentum and become MO’re than you were before is this:

“Chart your own course in life, be open-minded, take risks and never doubt yourself… It’s not about making the team, it’s what you learn along the way”. If you are reading this as a fitness professional here is a resource to energize you to think about your reinvention and your return/renewal of your goals as a Fitness Professional check out this news release on canfitpro’s 2021 Fitness Forecast 

And in the words of Dr. Seuss from Oh the places You’ll Go “You’re off to Great Places!/Today is your day!/Your mountain is waiting./So…get on your way!” There is no win in waiting. The waiting place is not a healthy place to be. Waiting for the world to get back to normal and for your life and career to get back to what they were once again will not serve you in navigating a new course for 2021.

Keep MO’ving forward, stay tuned in to your WHY, stay focused on your goals and stay connected—there is much MO’re good in the world coming in 2021!

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