2020 has been a year unlike any other! We have faced unprecedented challenges as individuals, countries and communities in fighting a global pandemic. That’s why I’ve created this four-part journey with a new blog post every Thursday from now to take us to the end of 2020 to help us get ready to MO’ve forward into 2021 with some strategies that I have found personally served me and which I feel will support us all in navigating a new course to find what serves us best in 2021 and beyond. This series is designed to help us to recover, reset, and reboot our strength, energy and resiliency. If you haven’t seen it yet, I encourage you to check out Part 1: Reflect on What is Good and Where you have Grown! And stayed tuned for Part 3 coming on December 24 and Part 4 coming on December 31!


Part 2: Stay Connected with Community

We must stay connected with our communities, even if this means embracing novel ways of interaction and working together. Being community minded and finding role models and inspiration in working with others is one of my most important teachings. This strategy is one way I contribute to my success throughout my life and career. It has proved incredibly essential to helping me navigate this pandemic. It began in high school. My high school gym teacher, Mrs. Ellie Armstrong, had a big impact on me. She helped me discover a passion and joy for the importance of MO’vement and physical activity for me, which has guided me throughout my career and been the driving force behind my WHY. This led me to build my career in the health and fitness industry by becoming a licensed physiotherapist, then a senior executive with GoodLife Fitness and now COO of canfitpro. Without Mrs. Armstrong, I do not know if and how all this would have happened.

In 2009, when I returned to my high school to be inducted into my high school’s hall of fame, I told the students gathered there that day: “You have an opportunity to work with your own Mrs. Armstrong”. While we are still in a state of restrictions with physical distancing measures in place, do not let that hold you back. Now with the opportunities of virtual communication, there are more ways to connect with others than ever before. You can set-up virtual coffee dates, online or street-side workouts, and find many other reasons and opportunities to build relationships with others.

Healthy strong communities give us a sense of belonging and place in the world. Right from the start of this year, I encourage you to reach out to others and look for ways to expand your network and alliances in your communities and in your professional networks. We are part of different communities and each community offers us a different meaning, experience, and avenue for becoming more whole and complete as individuals and members of society. How can you be a better member of the communities to which you belong?

Especially when you need help, do not wait, reach out to others. What others can offer you to help you re-imagine and re-align yourself with your course will both surprise, re-energize and excite you with possibilities and fresh perspectives. Likewise, when someone comes to you for help and support, take a moment and see how you can support someone else on their course.

Keep MO’ving with MO through this holiday season! Don’t forget to watch for Part 3 of the series coming next Thursday and Part 4 on December 31!


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