MO’ve Forward to Personal Triumph

MO’ve Forward to Personal Triumph

“The difference between try and triumph is the umph”. Recently this has become one of my favourite quotes and I have derived a lot of meaning from it as of lately. What is the “umph”? Using another word, we call this “effort”.

Effort is often under-estimated or overlooked, but as this quote illustrates and I firmly believe, it is, in fact, essential for success.

What is effort? Effort is defined as “the physical or mental activity needed to achieve something”. Achieving our goals is not always going to come easily. In fact, the more ambitious the goal or the greater the challenge, the more effort you will need to summon to achieve it. Champions are those who consistently give focused and solid effort every single day in pursuit of their goals, and this is how they can accomplish incredible and even unbelievable things. It will be tough sometimes, and you will get uncomfortable but that is where effort is the most essential and it’s those times that signal significant changes are occurring in your personal growth and that you are progressing on your course to realize your goals and aspirations. Effort has its roots in energy. The more energy you put into what you do, the better the results will be for you. Everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed–rather it transforms from one form to another. And it all comes back to what you choose to do with your energy.

How you choose to use and channel your energy is how you create your own destiny. Our effort is the one constant thing over which we all have control and ownership. Once you realize this, you can start to MO’ve forward and build MO’mentum you can build behind your efforts and that transformation.

So, you may wonder how we improve our physical and mental energies to strengthen our efforts to reach our goals.

After dedicating almost four decades to my work in the health and fitness industry where I have held several top executive roles with the country’s leading health and fitness companies, I have learned a thing or two about effort and how to summon it. I appreciate the importance of effort and how it vital it is to success and which is why I have three key insights and important personal practice recommendations I want to share with you to help you develop both the physical and mental effort you need to MO’ve you forward to personal triumph in reaching your goals, regardless of whatever life circumstances come your way.


Meditation is a practice that helps calm your mind to focus your energy and attention. Developing a meditation practice will take some time but it will help you on so many levels from calming your mind, reducing stress and anxiety to helping you show up as the fullest version of yourself able to give your best effort to any task.

As a leader, I know the importance of cultivating the proper mindset for approaching goal