Mo's Strategies for Supporting the Immune System

Mo's Strategies for Supporting the Immune System

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a surge of interest in ways to strengthen immune health and support immune function. I’ve always believed in the importance of paying attention to one’s health and wellbeing by taking care of the body from the inside out and this starts with immune health. These strategies arise from my own experience having been an Adrenalin junkie most if not all of my life.

Our immune system is a critically important communication system that serves to protect our body like an army protects its country against an invasion. Our immune system is our body’s natural defence team and warriors against illness and disease. It’s important that we support our immune systems to keep it functioning at its best anytime but especially now. This COVID-19 global pandemic has us thinking about our health and for most of us wondering if we have what it takes to fight and win. The
stress alone puts strain on our immune health so arm yourself with knowledge and take steps to support your immune system as this will power up your confidence. To make a journey to recovery from these challenging times we need to make sure that we are strong and healthy not just for the duration of this recovery but beyond as we get back into our lives and back with our community.

I would like to share with you five strategies I have for supporting an otherwise healthy immune system. If you are undergoing treatment for a compromised immune system at this time be sure to check with your doctor or health-care provider before beginning an exercise program.

Make Exercise Essential

If you know me, you know I love to MO’ve my body everyday! One of the many benefits of exercise is its ability to support your immune function and metabolic pathways. As many have said: “exercise is medicine”. It is important to keep moving and exercising at minimum to accumulate 150 minutes of physical activity each week (20-30 minutes each day of the week). Keeping your body strong and your body weight within a normal range based on your age will in turn help to support healthy immune function. Being fit and physically active will also help you feel more energized, less stressed and happier during this time of confinement at home. I created four fabulous 20-minute workouts to help make it easy for you to get fit and stay fit. Have you seen or tried them yet? You can easily do these workouts in your home, even if you have limited space, and don’t need equipment to be effective!

Check them out here in a previous blog post here.

Power Up Nutrition

Poor nutrition is detrimental to the health and functioning of your immune system. To effectively support your immune system, it is important to prioritize