The third theme I am going to highlight in this “Back to You” challenge focuses on taking better care of your body with emotional self-care and learning to become in tune with your emotions. Engaging your emotions is important to helping you realize your goals because harnessing the right emotion at the right time will drive you to take action and this gets you into MO’tion. This requires an “inside out approach” because while emotions come from within us and, they influence both our thoughts and behaviours which affect how we show up for ourselves and with those we interact with and have relationships with.  To truly realize the power of your emotions and how they can serve and support you, you must go within and do the inner work first.

Emotional Self-Care

Are you in tune with your emotions? Knowing your emotional drivers can help you connect with others and improves your performance. Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to manage and understand your emotions. It also means you can recognize and support the emotions of others. This is important for relationship building. Research has shown that emotional intelligence is the MO’st important predictor of performance in leadership. Emotional regulation is an inside out job and it begins with developing your self-awareness and understanding your emotional drivers.

In both my THINK Yourself® a RELATIONSHIPS PRO  book and course I focus on how our relationships connect to our personality styles and how our STYLIST-L.I.S.T. personality type influences your reactions to situations and people. You can take a free STYLE-L.I.S.T. ASSESSMENT TOOL to learn MO’re about yourself, help you develop greater self-awareness of your personality style and emotional intelligence and, better understand how to relate to others.

BONUS: If you are looking for more ideas and inspHERation to add to your personal self-care challenge check out these resources!

1: Get this FREE 30 Day MO’ments of Self-care Challenge I created. You can pick and choose the self-care activities and add them to your toolbox or choose to take the 30-day challenge this MO’nth!

2: Get this FREE C.H.A.N.G.E. LeadHership and Self-Care Calendar that was created for the 7th Annual Women Who Influence Event. You can pick and choose the self-care activities and add them to your toolbox or why not take the challenge this MO’nth!

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Check back next week for the next Give “Back to You” Challenge theme!

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