Self-care is an important element in the equation to realizing your goals. If we only focus on one aspect of our wellbeing and forget about the rest, we may find ourselves out of balance. We need to return to ourselves and maintain a healthy mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. With the “inside out approach”, you can work towards balance on the inside so that you can become MO’re authentic, happy, healthy, and resilient for everyone and to everything that matters in your life, on the outside.

The second theme I am going to highlight in this “Back to You” challenge focuses on taking better care of your body with physical self-care and learning to listen to your body. This requires an “inside out approach” and is important to helping you realize your goals. Your body knows when to push and when it needs to slow down–sometimes we don’t or won’t listen. It can be very tempting to keep pushing yourself and your body to the point of exhaustion when a goal is very important to us. However, be mindful of the warning signs. As a physiotherapist and leadership coach, I used to say to my clients, “what are your red flags?” When you learn how to listen to your body, you will be more perceptive of the early signs. You can then identify when a pivot may be necessary for your plans, so you can stay on track in the long run. Plan and strategize your physical self care and recovery time and activities. It is essential to keeping us on track and keeping our bodies in good physical condition.

Physical Self-Care
How are you taking care of your body? We have to take care of our bodies from the inside out and be intentional with how we MO’ve and what we put into our bodies so that they can perform optimally and so we feel our best and most empowered selves.

While there are many factors to consider, I have a few quick tips and go-to activities to help you get started and build MO’mentum to your optimum physical self.

Drinking enough water throughout the day is probably the MO’st important thing you can do for your body. Hydration is key to nourishing every cell in our bodies and helps us look, feel and perform our best. Try this simple trick using elastic bands to help you drink enough water throughout your day:

I love my LumiSpa® because using it is a daily physical practice to remind me, I am taking care of my body. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and so involved in our interactions with the world. The LumiSpa® has a dual-action system that delivers dramatic skin renewal by first deep cleansing, removing dead cells and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It only takes two minutes twice a day. Let’s face it—looking our best inspires us on all levels of our health!

BONUS: If you are looking for more ideas and inspHERation to add to your personal self-care challenge check out these resources!

1: Get this FREE 30 Day MO’ments of Self-care Challenge I created. You can pick and choose the self-care activities and add them to your toolbox or choose to take the 30-day challenge this MO’nth!

2: Get this FREE C.H.A.N.G.E. LeadHership and Self-Care Calendar that was created for the 7th Annual Women Who Influence Event. You can pick and choose the self-care activities and add them to your toolbox or why not take the challenge this MO’nth!

3: Check out the Optimyz Magazine MIND & BODY Guide Special Interest Publication available on newsstands nationwide which features an Exercise, 28 Day Nutrition & Exercise Mindset MO’tivation calendar I created!

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Check back next week for the next Give “Back to You” Challenge theme!

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