Special Announcement From David Patchell-Evans, CEO & founder of canfitpro & GoodLife Fitness

As I reflect on our awesome 40-year milestone, I am so grateful for the incredible leaders that we have in our midst that represent the very best of the fitness industry internationally. Their knowledge, experience, passion and dedication is unparalleled. Our People are our greatest strength and it all starts with our Leaders.

I want to take the opportunity to tell you about two important changes that I believe are critical for our future success:

  1. Maureen ‘Mo’ Hagan will be taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer of canfitpro.
  2. Kim Lavender’s role is expanding to lead all things ‘Group’ at GoodLife. Kim will oversee Team Training, PEAK, all specialty group training, Group Fitness as well as all programming required for groups.

The Education and Development of Fitness Professionals

We know that our greatest strength is our People. Our Associates are the ones who connect with our Members and build communities of support, friendship and fun in our Clubs. Our knowledgeable and experienced fitness professionals are integral in changing the lives of so many Members that come through our doors each day.

The current reality in Canada is that there is a shortage of educated fitness professionals. For GoodLife to provide the greatest experience possible for our Members and play the most impactful role in helping them achieve their health and fitness goals, we need to ensure we have the best and brightest fitness professionals on our Team. A key way that we can do this is by continuing to help canfitpro grow and innovate. To support this goal, Maureen “Mo” Hagan, our current Vice President of Program Innovation & Fitness Development, will be taking on the role of Chief Operating Officer for canfitpro effective July 1, 2019. 

In her new role, Mo will be responsible for canfitpro’s operations, procedures and financial success through vision and leadership. Mo’s innovation and forward thinking will allow her to create and execute on directives and strategies that will help canfitpro transform, evolve and continue to thrive. One of the primary goals for canfitpro is to lead the way in positioning fitness as a fulfilling and life-long career path, and to demonstrate that the best way to get started, progress and stand-out in the fitness industry is through education opportunities at canfitpro.

Mo has been with GoodLife Fitness for 35 years! She is passionate, tenacious and ambitious. Mo is an incredibly knowledgeable and well-respected member of the fitness industry internationally and a fitness celebrity here in Canada and around the world. Her unwavering passion for program innovation and the development of fitness professionals make her a natural fit for this new challenge.

Although Mo’s focus will turn to canfitpro, she will continue to be a part of our GoodLife Family in many ways, including:

  • Thought leadership and expertise for our Teams
  • Contributing to our content channels for both Associates and Members
  • Teaching Group Fitness and leading the charge with her very own NEWBODY Program
  • Being a resource for our Group Fitness Instructors
  • Retaining her office at our Proudfoot Home Office

In Mo’s new role leading canfitpro, she is leading the charge of taking canfitpro from the top fitness conference in the Americas to the top fitness conference in the world. The renewed investment in canfitpro from both a leadership and technology perspective will ensure that canfitpro-educated fitness professionals are the most knowledgeable and skilled fitness professionals in the world, making both canfitpro and GoodLife even stronger.

Congratulations Mo—so well deserved!

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