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Tips to cut calories

It takes 30 days to change a habit. For success, make small changes every day – every small step adds up to one big change. Why not start now?

  • Keep track of mindless eating habits, such as picking fries off your companion’s plate or eating the remainders from your child’s dinner. Eliminate your mindless munching and you could cut 200 to 300 calories a day!
  • Begin each lunch and dinner with a tossed salad or soup broth with vegetables. These appetizers will fill you up with healthy, fibre-rich foods and curb your appetite so you’ll eat a smaller entrée.
  • Skip the rich, sugary coffee beverages in favour of plain coffee or skim-milk-based drinks (such as lattes or cappuccinos). If you have a sweet tooth, go for sugar, but limit yourself to one teaspoonful (just 16 calories) or try a sucralose-based sweetener.
  • Make nutritious choices: eat whole grain instead of white bread, use oil in place of butter, drink water instead of pop, and choose milk over cream.
  • If you drink lots of juice, switch each half-cup serving for a whole piece of fresh fruit. You’ll consume fewer calories, double your fibre intake and feel fuller.
  • Reduce your portion sizes by reducing your plate size. Your brain will still register that you are eating a full plate of food and you can leave the table satisfied, even though you’ve consumed fewer calories. Once you’ve mastered smaller plates, start using smaller bowls and spoons.

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