Original article as seen in Fitness Business Canada, Winter 2019.

Step out of your day-to-day business and into the front lines of the industry to be seen, heard and recognized.

MOVE yourself to the next level of leadership by stressing the conversation around your purpose – know why you exist. This is something you want to remind yourself and your team to think about and talk about. While the landscape of the fitness industry is changing dramatically, particularly with the continued growth of boutique studios and fitness communities, it is important to not lose touch with your unique selling position, your principle values and the reason you do what you do.

MOVE your business forward to ensure you remain innovative and continue to grow. Set both professional and personal goals that include continuing to do what you already do well but also goals that will motivate you and your team to climb that higher mountain. State your goals and your strategy to reach them, both up and down the line of your organization. If you do not have a business or professional coach, I suggest you find one. Communicate your goals and strategies throughout your organization, right to the front line associates. Helping your members and clients reach their goals will require your front line leaders to lead by example.

MOTIVATE yourself and your team by understanding both the macro industry and micro trends within your own business community. The only way to stay current with trends is to first know what they are and then to keep tabs on how they are changing. You must then determine how to use or leverage these trends in your business. Real-world vetting of the macro-industry trends, products and services is paramount for any business. But simply having the latest trends in such things as technology is not worth anything if you do not have a  clear understanding of how to manage or monetize them for your specific business. Step out of your day-to-day business and into the front lines of the industry to be seen, heard and recognized. This will give you direct access to learning and gift you with invaluable moments of inspiration. I cannot stress this enough.

MONETIZE the continued increase in group training workouts and experiential performances from instructors and trainers. The challenge is finding recruiting, developing and retaining talent in all aspects of the business, particularly in personal trainers, group training coaches and group fitness instructors. Employee development and retention of top talent will be critical areas of focus to ensure you carry out your business’ purpose and mission, and it will play a key role in how well you keep your members motivated and engaged. Plan ahead to ensure that you can create momentum in your business and in your life this upcoming year. Attend conventions and industry events as this is where you will meet industry leaders, business owners and operators, and boutique and studio owners. These are the people who will motivate and educate you so your business can move to the next level.

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