Make the Power of Connection your ‘Superpower’ to MO’ve Ahead

Make the Power of Connection your ‘Superpower’ to MO’ve Ahead



If you want to go FAST, go alone. If you want to go FAR, go together” – African proverb. Our ability to connect has never been more important. In times of challenge and change the ability to connect has never been more essential for us to navigate the uncertainties and MO’ve from a place of just surviving to showing up and thriving through the experiences we encounter. Learning the art of connecting will be your “superpower” from now on and make you a hero and staunch champion in the new era and serve and support you through whatever you are stepping into. “The Power of Connection” was the theme for the inaugural canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series–which I am so proud and grateful to be part of on August 14 and 15.  The first two days of the virtual series brought together 2,000 of our members of the canfitpro community online to learn and to be together. In the following blog post I will share with you my key takeaways on how to make the power of connection your superpower. These takeaways fall into three principal methods which are: connecting with yourself, connecting with others, and connecting with something BIGGER.

1. Connecting with Yourself
Before you can connect with others, you must connect with yourself and who you are first. This will require some introspection and developing self-awareness, and it all begins with knowing your WHY. This is the MO’st important step in your journey and what will initiate your MO’vement and generate MO’mentum towards your dreams and goals. When you know your WHY, the way will appear and shine a light on your true authentic purpose so that you can show up as a more brilliant, authentic, and powerful version of yourself. Your WHY brings intention to your actions and shifts you from the mindless “doing” into a state of being which is more authentic, inspiring, and empowering. Ask yourself: “What gets me out of bed in the morning?”, “What drives me?”.

Knowing your WHY gives you a greater connection to yourself and your reason for being. Your WHY is your unique superpower which will help you comprehend and connect with who you are and who you want to be better and knowing that and that knowledge will help you show up and connect with others in a more authentic way. Do you know your WHY?  If perhaps you don’t start with answering the following two questions “Why makes me passionate?” “If there were no boundaries or limitations what would I be doing and why?” Articulate this second answer in a statement beginning with “I exist to (fill in the rest with a statement that describes how you serve the world living passionately in alignment with your purpose)”  For example, “I exist to positively influence women worldwide”.


2. Connecting with Others
Although this year’s canfitpro eventshave had to shift to online, we are still finding ways to connect with each other. This transformation in platform and delivery is a true testament to the strength and resiliency that resides within the fitness industry. We showed through making this MO’ve that nothing can keep us apart! Connecting with others is super powerful. Why? A key factor to resiliency is the strength and depth of our relationships and that comes back to connection. Furthermore, resilient people respond. They feel a sense of agency, or rather have a feeling that they are creating and owning their life.

Recognizing each other’s successes and greatness and the contributions we and others make in our industry is important as a way to connect with others. Celebrating our accomplishments and achievements lifts us up and is an inspiring not only to the one being recognized but to others. This is builds positive MO’mentum for all. One of my favourite moments is the closing ceremonies in August where we give out the Fitness Professional of the Year awards. The winners this year are Tony Felgueiras–for Fitness Instructor Specialist–and Ruby Smith Diaz–for Personal Training Specialist. Both fitness professionals have incredible stories, and they have made enormous contributions to improve the lives of Canadians.

To tie this all together, I am reminded of what another speaker for the event–Dr. Rumeet Billan– she spoke about her research on “Tall Poppy Syndrome”.  This was one of the featured session within canfitpro’s Women Who Influence Track. Dr. Billan’s research focuses specifically on resiliency and on the destructive effects of the Tall Poppy Syndrome of how cutting one another down in workplaces is affecting productivity, workplace culture and the wellbeing of employees. The behaviour and repercussions of Tall Poppy Syndrome create a culture of distrust resulting in disengagement and destroying our connection with others. In response to this, and to help rebuild workplace culture, Dr. Billan encouraged us to lead by example, develop awareness for yourself and others. So how can we connect with each other and lift each other up and acknowledge one another more, rather than cut each other down? This is what will nurture and allow deeper levels of connection with other to flourish.