As spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner, it is the perfect time to get active and participate in National Health & Fitness Day on June 4th to show your commitment.

The pandemic of the past few years may have limited our options when it comes to activity, but it has also been a vital reminder about the importance of exercise for our physical and mental wellbeing.  Whatever your age or ability level, the regular physical movement has a profound positive effect on mood, energy, concentration, anxiety, depression, self-confidence and much more!   

That’s why National Health & Fitness Day is here to help Canadians get active, get healthy, and feel better and support more Canadians in adopting fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle. June 4 is the actual day, however canfitpro, the Fitness Industry Council of Canada and the National Health & Fitness Day Association are inviting Canadians to move from May 30 to June 5, to create momentum around movement all week.  I am proud to help lead this initiative but I need your help!

This is where you come in. 

I am looking for leaders and influencers to help get the message out and share your activities on your social channels using the hashtag #LetsMoveCanada and this can be as simple as sharing a photo or short video of yourself on social media being active –by doing the “Move Of The Day” (MOD) between Monday, May 30 and Friday, June 3rd, and then tell your friends and followers that June 4th is National Health & Fitness Day, and invite them to get active themselves or join you in a workout.    Your activities and influence can go a long way to inspire other Canadians to get up and get moving!  No doubt your leadership will influence your peers to get involved.  Together we can help make Canada the fitness nation in the world.

Check out all five of my Moves of the Day on my YouTube channel, or click on the arrow in the top right corner of this video to see the full playlist of videos!

Use the hashtag, #LetsMoveCanada (#BougeonsCanada) and include #mohagan and #canfitpro and trust that I and canfitpro will share your post on our respected social channels too, to reach even more Canadians.  

If you want to leverage this MOMENT then invite your family, friends, neighbours and fitness buddies to the gym to join you and together plan your own National Health & Fitness Day event on June 4th. I will be teaching the National Health & Fitness Day Circuit on my street for my neighbours and friends.  I’m simply taking the MOD Circuit created for National Health & Fitness Day and leading it with my husband (Download the handout to join me and follow along in English and in French)

Use or adopt one of these messages for your post(s) each day throughout the week May 30-June 5 or create your own. This is your opportunity to be a fitness role-model and influencer.  Post with any or all of these messages (one for every day from May 30 to June 5th)

  • Did you know June 4 is National Health and Fitness Day in Canada?  Make a plan to get moving!
  • National Health and Fitness Day is June 4 – hope you have penciled in some activity time 
  • Take some time to move today, it’s National Health and Fitness Day!
  • Going somewhere?  Why not walk, bike, jog or skip there? It’s National Health and Fitness Day 
  • What’s your favourite way to move?  Whatever it is, do it today on National Health and Fitness Day
  • Newsflash:  Exercise feels good! Let’s get some today.
  • Spring isn’t just a season.  It’s a verb!  Jump, hop, jog, and skip somewhere today for National Health and Fitness Day

Thanks for supporting me and for doing your part. Together we can help make the country healthier one step at a time. 

Happy National Health and Fitness Day, 


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