December is a month that never fails to spark inspiration within me, and for various compelling reasons. As it marks my birthday month, it becomes a poignant period for introspection, prompting me to assess the facets of my year and the dynamics of my relationships with friends, family, colleagues, and the community. Beyond reflection, December serves as my launchpad for recalibrating goals, ensuring a head start for the upcoming year— a practice I highly advocate. Traditionally, I set objectives across four vital domains crucial for my well-being: health, career, relationships, and adventure. However, 2024 brings an exciting addition: a fifth goal—to embrace living more in the ‘MO’ment. The rapid passage of this year, coupled with retirements among work colleagues and my husband, has offered profound reflections and newfound insights.

Episode #13 of my podcast, showcasing the remarkable Canadian sport and fitness icon, Helen Vanderburg, seamlessly aligns with the core of my message. Helen stands as a living embodiment of a life woven with diverse experiences, achievements, and impactful contributions—a true exemplar of living one’s legacy, the central theme of this episode. Immerse yourself in Helen’s compelling stories and profound life lessons on leadership; they are bound to ignite inspiration. Tune in to our episode for an enriching experience, accessible right here.

Join me for a special (BONUS episode) of “A MO’ment with MO,” where I’m joined by two cherished friends and esteemed fitness industry colleagues, Loredana Wainwright and Nathalie Lacombe. Excitingly, we unveil one of my 2024 adventures—a not-to-be-missed, all-inclusive wellness retreat and adventure in Antigua this April. Immerse yourself in a week led by onsite wellness champions at the newly renovated Verandah Antigua. Explore the details of this unique retreat and view the activity calendar here for an unforgettable self-care experience. Thrilled to co-create this with our national airline, this is the 1st Air Canada Vacations Wellness Retreat of its kind. Join us for a journey to refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit!

Learn about the Air Canada Vacations Wellness Retreat here. (en Français)
View the Wellness Retreat Promotional Flyer here. (en Français)

As we step into the final 31 days of 2023, I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to embrace your personal well-being and happiness. Take intentional moments each day, if possible, for self-care, or designate specific days each week to indulge in the gift of well-being. Remember, self-care is not selfish; it’s a unique gift only you can bestow upon yourself. Starting December 12th, join me for the “12 Days of Holiday Care,” where I’ll be sharing my favorite wellness practices and activities that contribute to my health and happiness throughout the holiday season and beyond. I’m thrilled to share these with you (and offer you over $500 in free gifts with purchase).

Happy & Healthy Holidays to all.

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