The entire world is being impacted by COVID-19. Keep MO’ving every day because physical activity will give you the energy and resilience needed to get through this!

The worst thing we cannot just stop and stand still, although it may seem like the entire world is coming to a halt. It’s important to keep yourself MO’ving and there are ways to do this! It just means making some changes and modifications to our current physical activity habits.

It is a difficult time for all of us, when we must make adjustments in our lives which are causing stress and anxiety. However, I am happy to let you know that exercising is one of the best ways to keep you not only physically healthy and strong but also improve your mental health and wellbeing. It makes you feel good! I find it such a great way to create positive momentum and help me MO’ve forward! It is important that we keep MO’ving, especially at this time, when so many forces may tempt you to stall, stay home and do nothing. It doesn’t take long to feel the different and the benefits of MO’ving your body! Exercise naturally promotes the release of endorphins–a natural hormone our body produces, which enhances our sense of well-being. The more we can keep MO’ving the better we will feel!

There are so many benefits to exercise. Some of these include giving us energy, decreasing stress levels, and strengthening us. Furthermore, exercising regularly, as part of a healthy lifestyle, is a healthy way to strengthen your immune system! This will help your body stay resilient, which is so important at this time. You can read more about the benefits of MO’ving your body and being physically active here.

To help you stay MO’tivated and accountable to your health and fitness routine, I have created four 20-minute videos to help you keep MO’ving through these challenging times.

Whether you are trying to maintain your fitness level so you are ready to return to your normal activities when these challenging times end or you are looking to get started with some easy to follow, practical at home workout solutions, check out these videos to get started and get MO’ving more today!

Click on the title of the video to access the corresponding video:
(Before beginning any physical exercise program check with your health provider to ensure you are healthy enough for exercise. Please cease activity if you feel nauseous, short of breath or lightheaded.)

MO’ve Your Body

A mixed impact, multilevel cardio workout to get you MO’ving and sweating, burning calories and help reduce stress.

MO’re Muscle

A 20-minute strength training workout with some of MO’s favourite moves that will focus on your legs, hips, core, shoulders and arms.

MO’re Core

This is your 20-minute get MO’re from your core workout that will focus on targeting not only your abs but also the back, the hip area and shoulder girdle.

MO’ving Yoga

An energizing 20-minute yoga session to MO’ve your body and mind, and help you focus on your breath, leaving you feeling revitalized right from the get-go.

You can do every single one of these workouts at home with minimal to no equipment.They can be done on their own as a 20 minute workout or put 2 to 3 together for a multi-purposeful training session.

Together these four workouts will help you meet the three important components of physical fitness–aerobic physical activity (i.e. cardio), muscular strength and endurance and flexibility—and also part of the recommendations of Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines

Take care and stay safe. I hope you enjoy these workouts and I’d love to know what you think. I welcome your suggestions and feedback for future videos and workout ideas.  Lets’ MO’ve through this challenging time together!


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