This special offer has everything you need to get a jump start on your goals this month. Feel beautiful on the inside and out with this amazing package.

1. One month supply of Body Burn – This  30 day program is designed to help you look leaner and healthier in just 30 days by applying the 3 pillars of success: exercise, diet, and supplementation. This package is your key to getting your MO-tivation, building brawn and getting real results. The Protein Boost in this program is a vegetable based, high-quality protein to help keep your metabolic engine going. You will also receive Tegreen 97 includes Catechins found naturally in green tea which is shown to support healthy cell function and structure by neutralizing harmful free radicals that can be produced while working out.
Added Bonuses:
  • FREE download of my personal FIT workout that will get you in MO-tion wherever you are!
  • Pharmanex® ProBio PCC contains 2 billion live organisms of the potent probiotic bacteria culture of Lactobacillus Fermentum PCC.
2. When you’ve finished working out, a quick spritz of this Wonderful Moisture Mist Spray that will leave you feeling beautiful and refreshed.
3. Now you’re ready to get your Brain in gear! Keep your MO-mentum going by understanding the components of success and how to define exactly what it means for you. Think Yourself Successful is more than a book – its a new way to think about success. You will discover why your previous attempts to succeed may have resulted in self-sabotage, how it happens to us and ways to avoid it moving forward.
More Bonuses:
FREE download of the Think Yourself Successful Workbook to help keep yourself on track.
There’s More!
As a special Thank you I will also include a purse size alcohol free hand sanitizer that will keep you healthy and germ-free
and a copy of Defeyeneurs Magazine.
This package is valued at nearly $200 but a limited number are available for $129 + s&h ($19) so order now so you can get started on becoming the best YOU can be!
Want more?
Just request this bonus option – $15. We’ll send you a copy of this inspiring book about women like you who are making a difference! Influence: Women Inspiring Change is a story of eleven women who have inspired others. Check out Mo’s story as one of the influencers in this book.

Beauty, Brawn & Brains MO-tivation Package

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