Day 1 –   Let’s Get started today find your Skipping Rope and Jump for 15 seconds

Day 2 –    Great start yesterday now you are up to 30 seconds

Day 3 –    You are doing great it’s 45 seconds today!

Day 4 –    Keep Going today get Jumping for 1 minute

Day 5 –   Increase by 15 seconds – you are already up to 1 minute and 15 seconds

Day 6 –  You can do this – Jump Rope for 1 minute and 30 seconds today!

Day 7 –   Congratulations, You made it Jump for 2:00 minutes

Get active, post pictures, and videos on social media. Tag a friend, get them involved!
Get your family, off the couch and on the porch on the sidewalk or in the driveway!
Have some fun! We are all in this together!

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