Jump into June and Let your LeadHERship Journey Begin!

Jump into June and Let your LeadHERship Journey Begin!

The times ahead are going to require all of us to step into and own our identities as leaders and role-models if we want to move our world forward. While I, like many of you, are eager and excited for a return to regular operations in business and the fitness industry to re-open, I also know that there is a lot of work ahead and I am putting in the time now to prepare to jump into action.

We are coming out of one of the greatest health crises of our time. If there is one thing going through the global pandemic has done, it is that it brought health and fitness into front-line focus and jolted many to recognize how important our health is. People are going to be looking for strategies, solutions, and support for improving their health and fitness. This is our moment as fitness professionals and as the amazing humans, we wish to be! We have a gap to fill and it is going to require our leadership, initiative, courage and confidence. As Sara Hodson writes in an article recently published on the canfitpro blog: “Canadians need leaders. Trained fitness professionals will be more in demand than ever before” and “trust heroes, someone who is going to meet you on your fitness journey and lift you up, providing expertise, form, technique and, most importantly, a reason to get to your workout”. I highly recommend you read Sara’s full article here: https://www.canfitpro.com/blog/the-future-of-fitness-in-canada/

To fully embrace the opportunities ahead, stay relevant, make an impact and remain competitive amidst the digital fitness offerings and apps fitness professionals are going to have to step up and elevate their leadership abilities. Many fitness club members may have strayed from their pre-COVID lifestyle and routines and they desperately need leadership and guidance to get back on track. Especially given the lack of connection, the long periods of isolation and loneliness of remaining physically distant, people will be hungry to connect with someone who is credible, who they respect, and who is empathic; one who will build a relationship with them to show them the way forward.  This truly is our moment to step into and own our path and inner power to write the next chapter of our own story.

The time to reimagine, reinvent and reinspire our industry is upon us and you are needed more than ever. We will all have the opportunity to rise but my question to you is how high do you want to soar? A new kind of wave is coming and to ride it we must be ready. My vision is to foster and help build a society where people choose fitness as a proactive means of improving themselves – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. To achieve this, we need to work together; we need to be proactive and we need effective leadership.

While our ability to travel and take vacations is still very limited, there is nothing holding us back from going on a journey of self-growth and personal discovery this summer! So, here is what I am going to be doing over the next three months and, I invite you to join me and together let us elevate our abilities as a leader together and launch or re-launch our leadership development journey! I have compiled three months’ worth of activities you can consider. Look at this as the roadmap for your summer road trip of a deeper dive to develop your leadership abilities.  Please note—that while this itinerary is mapped out for my audience of women, this roadmap is available to all persons.  My wish is for all people who wish to influence others to come along on this summer adventure.

Look at the exciting itinerary I have planned out:

canfitpro Event Image with Mo HaganDestination #1: June 2021

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