How to Re-invent Yourself Post COVID-19

How to Re-invent Yourself Post COVID-19

It has been a long hard road these last few months. The world has been rocked by the chaos of the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have experienced new echelons of chaos, change and uncertainty that have shaken, destabilized and darkened our lives in so many ways. It has been a challenging time and the road to recovery we are on is a long journey with still many miles ahead. However, I feel it is time and I hope you will join me in realizing like a phoenix from the ashes it is time for us all to rise and re-invent ourselves post COVID-19.

The following are four important strategies and recommendations to help you accomplish this and emerge from the darkness of the last few months as a better, stronger, brighter, more confident and capable version of yourself – ready to embrace the new world we live in so you can find your way to happiness, success and fulfilment.

It Starts with Attitude

Yes, we have experienced many hardships and that could leave you bitter and unhappy, questioning life and the world and even blaming the circumstances. However, this will hold you back and now is the time to MO’ve forward.

“Whether you think you can and you think you can’t you are right,” said Henry Ford. Our attitudes influence our thoughts, our thoughts influence our beliefs, and our beliefs influence our actions and outcomes. If you want to positively reinvent yourself to thrive in the new normal than you must adjust your attitude to help you build MO’mentum in the direction you want to go.

Think about how you want to be and what are practices and activities that help you find that true state and authentic self.  Jim Rohn said: “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Who in your circle can you surround yourself with to help you remember to maintain the positive and hopeful attitude to be at your best so you can become your best?

Insert Power Posing into your Day

What if I told you with just a few simple exercises you could dramatically shift your physical and mental energy and confidence levels and improve how you feel about yourself? Stand in your strength with “Power Posing” a method I created based on the work of social phycologist Amy Cuddy.  Whi