MO’s New Years Message 2022 – Part 4 of 4

Welcome to the end of January! It’s hard to believe we have come to the end of the first month of 2022. My focus for this month was to introduce and inspire you with an alternative approach to setting yourself up for the year ahead. Rather than spending time setting New Year’s Resolutions, this MO’nth has been all about reconnecting with and re-envisioning our WHY and then finding ways HOW to bring your WHY to life in 2022.

In Part 1, I introduce the concept of WHY, for those of you for whom this is still new, and we discussed ways to find your WHY. In Part 2, I shared the importance of renewing your relationships and building a community with whom you can share your WHY and finding the people who can help you live your WHY. Last week, in Part 3, I shared the importance of learning and education in finding HOW to live your WHY. I introduced canfitpro’s Fitness Trends Reports as an example.

This week, in the final installment of this series, I am going to give you a look ahead to 2022 and share MO’re exciting ways for HOW you can find strategies and ideas to live your WHY to the fullest this year!

A great exercise to help you see HOW to live your WHY and feel MO’re inspired is to create a Vision Board. A Vision Board is a visual representation of what you want to create, experience and the goals you want to achieve. To do this, start by putting your WHY Statement in the middle of the board. Find images that embody your WHY that correspond to different areas of your life i.e., family, health and fitness, career, education etc. I also recommend you choose a “word of the year”. For myself, my word for 2022 is “INSPIRE”. I invite you to give this strategy a try! Having your WHY statement and word for the year will help guide your decisions and the action you take this year. Through this exercise, you will connect your WHY with HOW you will live your WHY in a powerful way. It is a great and super fun first-action strategy to help you start to not only live your WHY but manifest it in your life. When you have completed your Vision Board, post a photo to social media, and tag me @mo_hagan and @canfitpro. I would love to know your WHY and see your vision of HOW you will bring it to life!

New and continuing education and events–like conferences – are places to find inspiration for HOW to put your WHY into action. Conferences are one of the best ways I know to gain fresh insight for new opportunities for HOW to maximize your WHY. They are hot spots for massive energy and INSPIRATION. I am so excited about and inspired just by thinking about the canfitpro 2022: Global Conference and Tradeshow happening this August in Toronto–yes, LIVE in Toronto for the first time in two years!! The theme this year is, appropriately, “WELCOME BACK”, and it is around this theme and the energy of inclusion and belonging that I believe is vital for us to be manifesting as soon as possible, especially in the fitness industry. Coming together to learn and grow is the way for us to rebound, reunite and redirect our businesses, careers, and relationships for the future. The dates are August 10–14, 2022 so mark it on your calendar, tell others this is your intention and share WHY.  Reminder knowing the WHY beneath WHAT you do and HOW you do it LIVING IT! Can’t wait for August? Join me at the canfitpro Online 2022: Nutrition Event happening March 4-5, 2022. Registration is already open and there are an exciting number of diverse sessions available.

Continually upskilling and staying current in light of new education and developments in your field is so important to your personal brand, as well as helping you figure out HOW to live your WHY. Also, continuing education connects to the 5th trend in canfitpro’s Fitness Trends Reports – the rise in the demand for quality. Fitness professionals indicated that “The industry will experience a new demand for quality innovation to maintain and grow client and member base.” Attending conferences and events will help you stay ahead of the latest and the greatest insights and information in the industry so that you can provide your clients and members with the very best quality experiences. As the industry slowly reopens the demand for specialists will be greater than ever.  Be one of them! Being only certified and, or licensed to practise will not be enough in this new world.

Leading from an inside-out approach by discovering and sharing your WHY will give you a more powerful level of confidence and conviction in WHAT you do. Therefore, it is so important we all commit to doing the work to understand our WHY and be brave enough to declare it, explore and take action with HOW we can bring our WHY to life. Considering the second trend–increased need for, awareness and appreciation for diversity – there has never been a better time to find out what makes you who you are, share your authentic truth, your unique perspective, your talents, and insights with the world to maximize your impact and influence. Doing so is what will guide us to make a meaningful impact and positive difference in our lives not only for ourselves, but also for our friends, families, and communities. 

It all starts with WHY my friends! Make that your theme and north star as you start and MO’ve through 2022 and you can’t go wrong!

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