For many reasons I consider March to be one of the MO’st important and exciting MO’nths of the year.

We have International Women’s Day on Tuesday, March 8th.  I have always been passionate about helping women MO’ve forward in the direction of their goals in leadership and life. Despite the progress that has been made, there are still challenges in areas of women’s rights, recognition, and gender equality; and many systemic barriers worldwide that need to be addressed and changed. This global day is an important reminder to us all that we can and must take action.

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day 2022 – #BreakTheBias – encourages us to imagine a world free of bias and discrimination. International Women’s Day is a global day which celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. #BreakTheBias is a vision for communities that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. I invite you to join me on International Women’s Day and strike the pose.  I encourage you to have a presence on social media on March 8th to support this important cause with #BreakTheBias and tag me @mo_hagan.

I recently came across this quote which I feel speaks to why we need to pay attention to this important theme and #BreakTheBias:

“Diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and belonging is having a voice to be heard”   

From my experience in the leadership roles I have held over the last four decades in the fitness industry, I have seen how and why belonging should be a top priority for leaders everywhere. Belonging is critical to fostering safe spaces where everyone feels connected and valued. It is something I am committed to doing in the fitness classes I teach, the conference sessions and workshops I present and the articles, webinars and conference curriculums I co-create with canfitpro.

We can’t expect to #BreakTheBias without unlearning and relearning ways of being. I cannot over stress the importance of education and the need to continue educating yourself! I might sound like a broken record; however, I truly believe change happens and positive changes are maintained by educating yourself, again and again. 

To further encourage a culture of belonging and women in leadership with support and education, canfitpro will host the 8th Annual Women Who Influence  as part of the canfitpro GLOBAL conference and trade show happening August 10th to 14th LIVE in Toronto.  The 8th Annual Women Who Influence will be part of canfitpro GLOBAL and take place on Thursday, August 11th at the Intercon Hotel adjacent to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The theme for this year’s Women Who Influence event is “BELONGING”. This is going to be an epic event and I am excited to be able to share it with you after many months of planning!! The timing of this event and theme could not be better to help welcome back fitness professionals and bring the fitness industry and its leaders together to rebuild, reinvent and reconnect with our own purpose (and WHY). Go to to learn more about canfitpro GLOBAL and the 8th Annual Women Who Influence and find out how you can register for these amazing experiences.

When I think about Women Who Influence, one woman who truly courage, passion and dedication in her work and, was an inspiration to myself and so many in the fitness industry for how to foster belonging and inclusivity is the late Sharon Mann. Sharon was a fitness legend whose smile lit up every room she entered and every stage she presented on. Sharon dedicated her career to bringing people together, inspired them to take control of their health, be curious and never give up! She helped to move the fitness industry forward in so many ways during her 30+ year career and even during her 5-year courageous battle with cancer. Sharon passed away in June 2020 Sharon had an incredible ability to cultivate belonging in any and all settings. This year, I am excited to announce that canfitpro will be presenting the “Women Who Influence Sharon Mann INSPIRATION Award & Scholarship” at Women Who Influence on Thursday August 11th, 2022. If you want to nominate a Fitness Professional, your application must be submitted by Thursday, March 31, 2022, and if you want to submit an application for yourself, your application must be submitted by Saturday, April 30, 2022.  So, what MO’re can you do this MO’nth and this year to influence some positive change in the world? Every step forward counts. What’s one goal you can set for yourself and one commitment you can make to #BreakTheBias? Have the courage, combine your vision with action and let’s make a MO’ve for women in our world today and for the next generation. How can you commit to #BreakTheBias and build a culture of belonging this International Women’s Day, this year and beyond?