September marks the return to routine, whether that be returning to school, the gym or back to work, and each requires focus and effort.  But that’s not all!  It requires getting your MO’ JO back. Whether you are a student or a corporate executive getting your MO’JO back requires more than simply going through the motions of showing up for school or fitness class or a meeting at work.  It requires a growth mindset, a open-mindedness to trying new things and most importantly the confidence to show up as you, speak out and take action.  Did you know that lack of confidence can be more limiting to one’s success than level of skill?  Five ways to regain confidence and reclaim your MO’JO this month:

  1. *A non negotiable is exercise!  Thirty minutes or more, performed five days of the week, is required to regain your energy, stamina and strength and, to increase the production of the brain chemicals (“feel good” endorphins) that will help  increase your overall level of motivation.  Mix aerobic activity with strength training and stretching (such as yoga) for a well rounded exercise plan.  You can break this 30 minutes up throughout the day into 10 or 15 minute bouts; whatever suits your schedule that day.  An overall accumulation of 150 minutes a week is the goal to reap the maximum benefits that exercise will bring to your overall physical, mental and emotional state.
  2. Find or reclaim your voice by connecting with like-minded people or a mentor, who can provide encouragement and give advice as needed.  Together people (women especially) can influence one another to participate in class, proactively echo and credit one another’s ideas and work.  Working together to empower one another can be the catalyst to standing strong in your own self-worth.
  3. Take chances and risks by setting a stretch goal for the month.  Ironically, the antidote to our inaction and passiveness is often simply to act or just say “YES” (and then figure out how to do it).  A lack of confidence can cause us to play it safe and avoid taking chances.  The more we step aside from fear and take on initiatives outside our comfort zone, the greater our reservoir of self-confidence becomes.
  4. Establish a daily routine of work, study (or personal development time), exercise and rest-relaxation (including sleep) and get on a consistent routine to help bring a work-life-rest flow or rhythm back into your life.  This begins by getting up and going to sleep at a consistent time Monday through Friday.
  5. Meditate each morning your intention for the day and spend 5 minutes at the end of your day for daily reflection and gratitude.  When you ‘book-end’ your day with this mind-set training you will soon regain control of your thoughts, focus and your beliefs.  I spend 15 minutes first thing in the morning with my personal “SUCCESS” routine that begins with meditation, reflection, positive affirmation, setting and writing a goal (intention) and stretching or power posing.

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