Get Moving with Mo

Mo Hagan posing with hands on hips and shape opbjects around her.

This monthly subscription has you MO’ving with Mo whenever you are ready for it. On-demand means anytime videos available to you with a wide range of workouts with Maureen Hagan.

Videos Include:

  • Chair Based Yoga
  • Floor Finishers – 10 Minute Core Blast
  • Floorless Core
  • MO’re Cardio
  • MO’re Muscle
  • MO’ving Yoga
  • MO’ve Your Body
  • MO’ving Yoga 2.0
  • MO’re Strength 2.0

Find Mo’s Videos Over on Namastream


Image of Mo Hagan with white background and text explaining to stay fit.
Mo Hagan sitting with the word Yoga written in sand
Mo Hagan sitting with a beach behind her
Mo Hagan sitting with dark background and some work out equipement
Mo Hagan sitting on a dark background with workout equipment