This week’s Feature Friday is highlighting, WIFA Women, Anika Gregg and Laura Munkholm!

Working with people, helping them feel better, stronger, more balanced in their own bodies – these are the aspects of fitness instruction that motivate me. When the newcomer walks in the door, I’m excited to introduce them to the experience, but even more thrilled when they leave smiling, saying they’ll be back.

I am a yoga and business enthusiast, and I LOVE supporting yoga/fitness studios owners in growing their businesses to develop healthier, happier communities. I am an internationally recognized speaker in the boutique fitness industry, a Certified MINDBODY Business Consultant, and have worked with hundreds of yoga and fitness studios around the world. I am also the co-founder of MINDBODY One, an online community for business owners that use the software. ( My consulting practice specializes in helping yoga and fitness studios succeed in an increasingly competitive and challenging marketplace. I offer software coaching, sales analysis and training, recruiting, operations and leadership support.

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