Dreaming Bigger, Reaching Out to Others and Celebrating Our Achievements in August

What a comeback!!! The largest fitness event of the year by canfitpro was a remarkable success and an unparalleled showcase of resilience! This experience reminded me why we do what we do to lead, influence, and inspire fitness professionals. I have not felt this deep a sense of connection and belonging for over 2.5 years. After the many long months of planning, late nights, early mornings, and too many Zooms and Teams calls to count I can say for certain that every ounce of effort we put in was worth it. What we achieved with this event and the MO’mentum that was generated because of it makes me feel both proud and excited.

There were so many amazing MO’ments that brought pride and a smile to my face. If I had to sum up the experience in three words it would be belonging, connection and resilience. These three words connect to my three key lessons and takeaways from the event. I hope this will inspire you over the coming months.

1. Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Goals

My biggest lesson from this weekend came from the inspiring keynote presentation delivered by four-time Olympic Champion Silken Laumann. She said, “make your dreams bigger than your goals”. To dream big and feel that you can reach your goals, you need support and community, which is rooted in a feeling of belonging. Silken helped foster this in the authentic way she connected with the audience, making us all feel like her closest friend. Her vulnerability and trust in the audience shown when she shared her personal story were reciprocated in the response of the audience.

Belonging seemed to thread throughout the whole conference. It started with the 8th Annual Women Who Influence on Thursday, August 11th. It means belonging to yourself, a group, and a community. This sense of belonging created this incredibly uplifting energy throughout the event which helped all of us reconnect with our vision and dreams for our businesses and careers, not to mention, reconnecting with one another.

Action: What is your big dream? Write it down, share it with someone, and start talking about it and believing it is already yours. You have got to act when your motivation and courage are the highest.

2. Reach Out and Inspire Someone

The keynote speaker Dr. Ivan Joseph spoke about the need to focus on both social cohesion (building friendships and relationships) and task cohesion (how well we do our job) High performance is linked to making people feel that they matter and belong. This means lifting others up and remembering you don’t have to go it alone. Reach out for help or reach out to help someone else out. Go out of your way to connect and interact with others. Motivation rises in groups, and we are stronger together.

Action: What friend are you going to reach out to? Who can you connect with and plan to do some fun or ambitious action or plan that will help you both achieve something more in your lives?

3. What Are You Going To Do to Celebrate the Small Achievements and Little Wins?

Celebrating our wins is an important action for activating our MO’tivation to continue reaching for new goals and greater results. It’s an important element of a growth mindset which will help you MO’ve forward. This practice is also important for making us more resilient. The more you celebrate the little wins the more resilient you are making yourself. Every time you celebrate you.

Action: What is something you are really proud of? What is an achievement that you would like to celebrate?

Speaking of celebrating, canfitpro celebrated and awarded fitness professionals for their remarkable contributions to the community over the last year. I am so proud of these amazing humans! Read the press release here to learn more.

The canfitpro Conference and Trade Show is like turning the key in the ignition or striking a match to spark my energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for the rest of the year. I am looking forward to working with the canfitpro team to begin planning our 30th anniversary conference which will be happening next year—August 16-20th! I’m already thinking about how at canfitpro we can make our dreams bigger than our goals for next year’s conference and work together to create an incredible and unforgettable anniversary experience to celebrate next August in Toronto.

For a limited time, canfitpro is offering a Full 3-Day Registration to canfitpro 2023 Global Conference & Trade Show for a low price of $300 plus applicable taxes. Contact canfitpro to receive this amazing deal at 1-800-667-5622 or email info@canfitpro.com. Offer expires September 30th, 2022. I hope you will consider this unbeatable opportunity and join us next year as we celebrate our 30th anniversary!

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