Daily/Weekly Fitness and Nutrition Regime

Mo prides herself on practicing what she preaches and if you follow her on a daily basis (no matter what country she is in) she will walk her talk—she exercises most every day of the week either by teaching fitness classes, running, training with her personal trainer or ballroom dancing with her husband Ken.  Mo, like most people struggles to stay consistent with physical activity and exercise (due to her busy work and travel schedule) and that is one of the many reasons she continues to teach classes even after 30 years of being a fitness instructor.

Mo has had a personal trainer for over 10 years and loves (and learns) being pushed to get stronger (and leaner) by her trainer Mike on a weekly basis.  One of the reasons Mo is still able to run her decade marathons, and ½ marathons when she feels like it is because she is fit!  Taking care of one’s self ‘inside-out and out-side in’ is a high priority for Mo and that is why she believes in supplementation, smart-eating, proper sleep and regular exercise and physical activity.

Mo has created a workout for GoodLife Fitness called “Newbody” (and has written a book on the subject) and this program (which is over 23 years old) has become her ‘ultimate anti-aging’ workout secret.  It combines the best of low impact aerobic conditioning with unique functional strength training based on the latest science of training (for active boomers) and she combines this class, with a variety of the Les Mills programs (BodyVive and CXWORX) and her weekly runs with her girlfriends to keep herself in top shape.

Mo celebrated her 50th birthday December 2011 and looks, feels and performs better than she did in her twenties.  Age is a number, it’s more about ‘attitude’ and Mo defines that by her action.  Check out her book “GoodLife Fitness—6 Weeks to a New Body” for her philosophy and program around Nutrition, Exercise, Wellness, Behavior, Overcoming Obstacles, and ‘You can’ attitude.  Her second book “Newbody Workout for Women—6 Weeks to a Fit & Fabulous You” shares her Newbody program and both books include Mo’s Smart Eating Guide.