Create MO’re Confidence in Body, Mind and Life!

Create MO’re Confidence in Body, Mind and Life!

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right”. This quote, by Henry Ford, illustrates the immense power of belief and the role that confidence has in fostering positive self-belief. Having confidence and belief in yourself is essential to performing at your best and supporting you in reaching your goals. Confidence is the secret ingredient responsible for many of the greatest achievements. Our biggest dreams and goals are meant to inspire and challenge us, and without the right amount of confidence, we may never reach them. That is why this unseen “muscle” is such an important one to work on strengthening and maintaining!

Confidence also plays a critical role in how we feel about ourselves within our environment and this influences how we show-up and even in how we stand—YES that’s right, confidence can influence posture.  When confidence levels decline and/or we do not feel at our best selves it feeds a vicious and negative cycle in your mind and it is these negative thoughts that impact how we feel and stop us from moving towards our goals and in extreme cases stop us in our tracks from taking the next step.  However, what goes down can come back up!  There are ways to break the negative cycle and rebuild our confidence and then power up our self-defence to protect our confidence.  Like any other muscle, confidence is something that you must work on to strengthen then continue to train to maintain.  When we learn how to create MO’re confidence, it will support us in so many ways to show up, shine and succeed.

Here are three of my top strategies for improving and ensuring confidence in your body and mind for life! I regularly make these three strategies a part of my daily practice and they are integral to helping me perform my best.  I’m happy to share them with you:

  1. Set Aside time for Strength Training

Especially during challenging times, our ability to move through and beyond obstacles and adversities relies on our inner strength, resiliency, and psychological capital. The validation and confidence in our efficacy in one area can positively influence our belief in ourselves and our capabilities in all areas, and this is how strength training serves and supports us. With strength training, it does not take long to see improvements. Your body becomes more toned and you discover you can lift more weight or do more reps and these improvements increase your confidence. In particular, upper body strength training boosts feelings of self-esteem and self-efficacy which will improve your confidence and more specifically self-efficacy.

Self-efficacy is having the belief in yourself that you can do something or reach your desired outcome.  Exercise self-efficacy measures your confidence to start and maintain participation in exercise. This concept is important if you are looking to develop and maintain the habit of exercise. Improving your self-efficacy in one area of your life (i.e. through an exercise in lifting weights) can trickle over into other areas of your life beyond your workouts. Physical activity has been directly and indirectly associated with improving self-esteem. In doing research for and writing my book 6 Weeks to a New Body I discovered evidence for a significant correlation between improving strength in upper body muscles and boosting your self-esteem and this boost in self-esteem increases the chance one has of being their best, boldest and most beautiful self. This means your workouts are not only strengthening your body on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional, and cognitive level, so you are stronger for life!

  1. Boost your Self-care and Beauty Regime

Taking care of yourself from outside in with a skin-care and beauty routine can immediately change how you feel about yourself and this can give you an immediate energy and confidence boost.  A disciplined morning and evening skincare and self-care beauty routine anchor your day with a commitment to yourself. It’s more than just that.  No matter how busy your life gets when you bookend your day with self-care skin you feel better and give back to your body.   I know the importance of taking care of myself with a healthy skin and beauty routine.

From a health perspective, it is important to remember that our skin is our biggest organ in our body and your skin says a lot about your health and vitality, not to mention it can age you prematurely if you are not paying attention.  If you want to keep looking and feeling your best, at any age, you will want to prioritize a solid skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated. A few minutes each morning and evening will go a long way to nourish your skin, freshen your appearance, reduce the signs of premature ageing and a healthy and youthful look goes a long wa