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Increase your Self-EMPOWERMENT to Maintain Your MO’tivation and MO’mentum

With the first month of 2024 almost over, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on our goals and priorities and evaluate our current progress. You may either be excelling or require some extra support to give you a little boost. No matter where you are or what you need, this blog post – the last in my January series – is on self-EMPOWERMENT strategies which will provide the extra MO’tivation you need to stay on track in the direction of your goals starting now and throughout 2024.

My MO’tivation for writing my January blog series this year was to give you a source for MO’re purpose, guidance, and inspiration to help you MO’ve forward and create the change you want to manifest in 2024. I was inspired by my three power words for 2024 which are CARE, CHANGE, and POWER. In my first blog of the series, I reviewed and reminded us all of the foundational importance of finding and reflecting on our WHY and living in line with our WHY statement. In my second post, I wrote about self-care and the reasons self-care is important for supporting and sustaining our commitment to living our WHY. In my third post, I shared my tips for self-development (i.e., self-CHANGE) how this helps your growth, and why CHANGE is essential to help you realize your goals. In this final installment of my January 2024 blog series, as previously mentioned, I’ll provide tips on building and maintaining self-EMPOWERMENT in 2024.

What does self-EMPOWERMENT mean and why does it matter? The act of self-empowerment entails making purposeful decisions and assuming responsibility for your path. Self-empowerment includes making positive choices, taking action, and having confidence in your abilities to achieve your goals. When you become a self-empowered person, you recognize where you have strengths and what your opportunities for growth are, and actively look for ways to improve. Again, an important part of the process to building your self-EMPOWERMENT is continual learning which is something that I talked about in my third post in this series on self-development.

Below you will find four strategies I recommend for building your self-EMPOWERMENT.

Take actionable steps to build your confidence

Confidence and self-empowerment are closely intertwined. Although they are not the exact same, they build upon one another to assist you in advancing towards your goals. Confidence is an inner force that means you believe you can achieve your goals. Having confidence boosts self-empowerment and decisiveness, enabling you to make the changes you desire in life. Confidence is like a muscle, which I mean it requires time and dedicated practice and strategies to build and maintain. Since we are all unique, we will require different strategies to cultivate our confidence. Discover inspiration with my top tips from this blog I wrote to CREATE MO’RE CONFIDENCE IN BODY, MIND AND LIFE.

Looking for MO’re ways to to learn more and build your confidence and self-EMPOWERMENT? Check out the book THINK Yourself Successful which I co-authored with Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas and Tasha Hughes. This book will show you that you have the power to change and become whoever you aspire to be. This is a mindset shift that is critical for helping boost your confidence and self-empowerment.

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Surround yourself with other Confident and Self-EMPOWERED People

Surrounding yourself with powerful peoples is a sure strategy to improving your own self-empowerment. We learn by doing and seeing others in action. This is why attending events, especially in-person ones, is extremely important. I am eagerly anticipating various events this year where I will have the opportunity to connect with truly self-empowered individuals. The canfitpro Global Conference in Trade Show every August in Toronto is the flagship event. I am in the process of building the curriculum and recruiting some incredible fitness professional from around the world who will be presenting at this year’s event. I can’t wait to see them all in action and the EMPOWERMENT that is going to emanate from this event!

I would also like to invite you to join me at the All Women L.E.A.D. International Women’s Day event in London, Ontario on March 4, 2024. The mission and work of the All Women L.E.A.D. Organization has inspired me greatly, which is why I feel so honored to be speaking at this event. The acronym L.E.A.D. Stands for Leverage, Empower, Achieve, Do. This organization has a reputation for establishing safe spaces where women can connect, learn, network, and develop together. Get ready for an unforgettable event, as Jully Black, the incredible Canadian R&B legend, takes the stage as the keynote speaker! Learn more and register here:

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Stay tuned for my EMPOWERING conversation with the three co-founders of All Women L.E.A.D. – Melissa Maloney, Jennifer Slay and Courtney Hance – on my podcast “A MO’ment with MO” in February 2024.

To help you elevate your relationship building skills, so that you can connect and build a network check out the book and course I created with Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas called THINK Yourself a Relationships Pro.

Practice Feeling POWERful

If you’ve been following me, you’re aware of my strong belief in and advocacy for POWER Posing. The theory of POWER Posing is based on the research conducted by Dr. Amy Cuddy. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching Dr. Cuddy’s impactful TedTalk here on how your body language can change your life.

Feeling it and believing it is possible are one and the same. Power posing helps you build confidence in your body at a physical and psychological level. If you want to dive deeper into my thoughts on power posing, check out this post about POWER POSES TO BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE.

Do an Achievement Audit

Take a moment and reflect on all your accomplishments in the past years – last year, the year before, in the past decade. Is there something you’ve done that you’re particularly proud of? Reaffirming our power to make things happen can strengthen our belief/confidence in ourselves. Try this exercise. Set a timer for 3 minutes and write down as many of your accomplishments as you can think of. Pay attention to how your body feels as you jot down as many things you can think of that you’re proud of accomplishing. Once you get going, if you can go longer than 3 minutes, then of course go for it! This exercise is great and simple for enhancing self-empowerment and MO’tivation, helping you keep MO’ving forward and achieve MO’re.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve learned and gained valuable insights from this post and my January 2024 blog series that will help you keep MO’ving toward your goals this year. In case you missed any of the earlier installments, here are the links to Blog #1, Blog #2,  and Blog #3.

Stay tuned because the month is not over yet! Next week, I’ll be sharing a bonus post with a gift that will assist you in implementing the principles I’ve discussed this month, allowing you to continue MO’ving forward and creating meaningful change in your life in 2024.

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