I was recently asked in an interview, ‘what keeps me inspired after being in the profession for 40 years?’  My answer was simple and succinct: “Being able to connect my passion to my purpose and, have the opportunity to be with my people”.  At that MO’ment I realized just how fortunate I’ve been to be a part of such an incredible profession for my entire professional life.   

My passion for pursuing a career in fitness was sparked when I attended my first international conference in 1990 and, I knew from that MO’ment that I was meant for MO’re! Being back in person at canfitpro Global this August after a daunting 3-year hiatus from in-person events, was overwhelming and amazing at the same time.  For me, canfitpro Global was like a long-awaited family reunion and like nothing I had experienced before.   Perhaps you had a similar experience when you reconnected with your friends, loved ones and your industry colleagues for the first time after the pandemic restrictions? 

With Thanksgiving around the corner, this has me thinking of the MO’ments this year for which I am MO’st grateful. At canfitpro Global, there were so many ‘aha’ MO’ments that I’m still trying to process, and many will remain edged in my memory forever. It was our goal to make 2022 the ‘comeback’ event for the Canadian fitness industry and we achieved that. In normal times I would never have thought twice about some of those MO’ments, but now I do because we are far from living in normal times – interactions with presenters and delegates who were so happy to be back together, meeting colleagues that I’ve been working with for over 2 years virtually yet had never seen in real life until we were all together at the conference.  “Sometimes you never know the value of a MO’ment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Suess

I want to recognize the award winners that were presented throughout the conference.  I’m still beaming with pride and feel so very fortunate to have shared the stage with all these winners. I am grateful that they stepped forward to share their talents and accomplishments with us by submitting their award nomination. Seeing their impact inspires me to continue to invest time in my professional development, nurture my passion and live my purpose even MO’re boldly than I am now.  

If you desire MO’re for your fitness, life, business, career, or personal legacy, take the opportunity to reflect on what you are grateful for achieving this year. But don’t stop there! Consider what is next for you this year – we still have a whole quarter year left of 2022. Acknowledge what you are grateful for and use the positive vibes to visualize and build some MO’mentum for what you want to accomplish in the remainder of this year so you can start next year event better! The MO’re grateful you are the MO’re you will have to be grateful for!

If you a fitness industry peer and missed canfitpro Global or, you are still hungry for knowledge, passionate to connect with the industry’s top experts and be with your people (your fitness family), there is still time!  canfitpro presents “2022 Online Business & Leadership Summit” a 2-day, 4-hour event (each day) on Friday, November 4th and Friday, November 18th. This event will be your opportunity to close out 2022 with self-development both personally and professionally and build MO’mentum for 2023. You can register for the event here: https://www.canfitpro.com/events2022/

See you, in a Zoom Room, soon!  If you have found an event that MO’tivates you and want to share it with me, feel free to DM me! I am always eager to learn from different industry events and their Pros 🙂 


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