Embarking on the journey to achieve your 2024 goals requires not just a burst of MO’tivation, but a sustained MO’vement that withstands the challenges that come our way. The post-holiday lull, combined with the relentless pace of January, presents a unique set of obstacles, particularly for those dedicated to health and fitness, where MO’tivating others is not just a passion but a duty—something I’ve committed to for four decades. Amidst the whirlwind of daily obligations, carving out the time and focus necessary to pursue personal goals and welcome the transformative CHANGE you aspire to can feel like an uphill battle. Yet, it’s precisely in these MO’ments of challenge that our determination is tested and our journey towards growth truly begins. The Lunar New Year is one of those opportunities to reaffirm our dedication to the CHANGE we desire and renew our commitment by finding the MO’tivation to take action. On Saturday, February 10th, we welcome the Lunar New Year, marking the commencement of a fresh cycle. Each Lunar New Year is accompanied by a distinctive animal sign in the Zodiac. This year, we are MO’ving into the year of the Dragon.

This is a time and a year to tap into our inner dragon to discover POWER and resiliency to keep us MO’ving. According to canfitpro health and fitness trends, Mental health, mindfulness, and stress reduction (Trend #3) and Mind Body Programs (#7) are among the top 10 trends to keep an eye on this year. Understanding the value of nurturing our capabilities and resilience is something we can all relate to, whether at work or in our personal lives. Read on to learn about the significance of the Year of the Dragon and discover seven strategies to enhance your POWER to cultivate strength, resilience, and agility in both work and life.

In my January 2024 Blog Series, I discussed how I begin the year by selecting a word to guide my actions. My three words for this year are POWER, CHANGE, and CARE. In this blog post, I will share my thoughts and advice on aligning with the Year of the Dragon’s power, building on my POWER words.

About the Year of the Dragon

The Dragon is the most POWERFUL sign in the zodiac. With the Dragon representing power, luck, and success, this is the year to be driven and ambitious in pursuit of your dreams and goals. We can expect some epic changes to materialize which could benefit you in MO’ving towards your goals. Among the 12 zodiac signs, the dragon is the only mythical creature and is held in high esteem in Chinese culture. This year is the year of the Wood Dragon. Being associated with the element of wood means that on top of the general characteristics of a Dragon year this year promises to also bring evolution, improvement, abundance, a sense of purpose and rejuvenation to lay the foundation for future success. The element of wood means this Year of the Dragon has lesser Yang and therefore room for introspection and inner work.

7 Strategies to Build your Personal POWER in the Year of the Dragon

POWER means having “physical strength and force” as well as “the ability to do something” or having control or influence over something or someone. Power and influence come in different forms at the individual level, including physical, mental, and emotional POWER. Moreover, being part of a company or community, we have access to collective power. The key is finding and maintaining a balance between these various sources of POWER to give you the strength and perseverance to pursue your goals and dreams and achieve MO’re!

In the fitness industry, power is a key component of fitness that refers to the ability to overcome resistance in the shortest period of time. To be able to tap into our power we must first build a foundation of strength, which is the ability to overcome resistance. Power is achieved through training.

Now, a MO’re traditional view is that power must be given or granted to you, which relates to an “outside-in approach”. However, this article reinforced my belief that power originates from within and is accessible to all. We can transform ourselves, via an “inside-out approach” to become more powerful in a positive manner, thereby becoming the change we seek.

Here are my seven strategies to help you become more POWERFUL — physically, mentally, and emotionally — in the Year of the Dragon.

  1. Embrace the POWER of MO’vement

There’s a certain something about the energy and experience that comes with the feeling of physical POWER produced in your body by MO’ving your body. A well-rounded fitness routine incorporates various types of movement. The health of your heart and the ability to exert POWER can be maintained and improved through aerobic or cardiovascular activities like power walking, running and cycling especially when you integrate intervals of intensity. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) remains one of the MO’re popular and preferred methods of training Strength training as noted above, is a non-negotiable component to accessing the POWER in your muscles. You cannot have one without the other. And of course, there is balance and flexibility training, which can be practiced through activities like yoga, which is important to engage in to keep us MO’bile. Moreover, mind-body programs, like yoga, support your physical, emotional, and mental resilience, key to staying on track toward your goals.

Here are some ways I can offer to help you get and stay MO’ving. Follow me on Instagram @mo_hagan to get weekly “MO’ve with MO”. Or check out the array of longer fitness videos to “Get MO’ving with MO”. I will be filming and sharing brand-new content later this year, so stay tuned!

  1. Practice POWER Posing 

Practicing POWER posing makes you feel more POWERFUL on a physical level and it’s incredible how that change in your body can boost your confidence in your body and mind and give you MO’re emotional power and resiliency. The effectiveness of POWER Posing, as demonstrated by Dr. Amy Cuddy’s research, has helped and greatly inspired me, particularly her acclaimed TedTalk. In only 2 minutes a day with this strategy, you can create a shift in how you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally noticeably MO’re POWERFUL. You can read more about my tips for POWER posing in my 2024 guide and on my blog.

  1. Choose Your POWER Words

If you have not seen it yet – check out my 2024 Guide. I discuss and actually, give you the exercise I used to find my words for this year. There are many ways to use your POWER words to help you in 2024. You can say your POWER words while doing your POWER posing and double the POWER you feel.  You can add them to your vision board (see Strategy #4!).

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Vision Board
  1. Discover the POWER of a Clear Vision

Creating a vision board is another activity I love doing when a new year begins. A vision board is a powerful tool to help you get clear on your dreams and goals for the new year.  It’s also a way to connect your WHY with HOW you will live your WHY. In my 2022 Guide “MO’ving Your WHY Forward”, I shared my step-by-step instructions for how to make a vision board. When you make a vision board, you physically engage by cutting out images from magazines and adding fun decorations like stickers and sparkles to make it visually appealing. It also requires your mental attention and activity because you must think about and focus on what you want and declare a deadline written with “on/before (date), 2024. And of course, witnessing your dreams and goals materialize evokes emotional and imaginative involvement. Sharing your vision board with those who are significant in your life (those who you want to be included in your dreams and, or benefit by your achieving your goals, is even MO’re POWERful!

Give it a try! Download the 2022 guide here and use it to generate a powerful vision that will propel your progress in 2024!

  1. Build POWERFUL Relationships

Our social connections and networks provide accountability and resilience, especially when we need to push towards our goals and dreams. Friends and relationships are crucial for our social health and well-being. Surrounding yourself with POWERful people who MO’tivate and inspire you to be your best self can be a valuable asset in achieving your aspirations. What can you do to strengthen your current friendships and relationships, as well as build new networks to achieve your goals?

Take a look at the book and course I co-created with Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas, titled THINK Yourself a RELATIONSHIPS PRO. These resources show you how you can create CHANGE in how you build and maintain relationships and create connections by learning more about your relationship building S.T.Y.L.E. profile and the profiles of others by following our coaching and advice. Get started by taking the S.T.Y.E.-LIST quiz here

Test out those relationship building skills and join other POWERFUL people at in-person or online events. I’m excited to be presenting at All Women L.E.A.D. on March 4th and what a fabulous way to experience the POWER of social connection and collaboration. I hope you will join me!!

  1. Find your POWER in Being Present

Being MO’re present is a key strategy to boost your power. Accessing our POWER lies within the present moment. How much of your time is consumed by thoughts of the past or future? Instead, direct your attention and intention to the present to bring more powerful attention and intention to your daily actions. One of the best ways to help you become MO’re present is to practice meditation. Meditation, a powerful technique, has been utilized for centuries to cultivate calmness and presence and create CHANGE by harmonizing our mind, body, and emotions.

Make meditation a habit and a practice to build your POWER of being present. Check out this album of meditations for leadership and transformation which I co-created with Meditation Coach Angela Kontgen (who I just recently had on my podcast “A MO’ment with MO” last much. You can catch up on our conversation here!). Our intention with this album was to support leaders in reaching new heights in their minds, life, and leadership. 

  1. Create a POWERFUL Self-Care Routine

CHANGE, even when positive, can still be stressful and intimidating as it propels us towards our goals. It is a fear of change that can keep some people stuck and not MO’ving forward towards their goals. That is why having a POWERFUL self-CARE routine is vital to keeping you strong and resilient – mentally, emotionally, and physically – to keep you on course and MO’ving forward this year. In the second blog for my January 2024 blog series, I wrote about how self-care is the secret to keeping your WHY alive. By developing a self-care routine, you build the resilience needed to keep you on course MO’ving towards your goals and dreams. You can get a 30-day printable self-care challenge worksheet here and check out this list of my favourite products which I regularly use in my self-care routine. I bookend each day with 30 minutes of self-care. DM me if you wish to hear MO’re about my AM & PM routine.

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