12 Days of Christmas, 2017

The 12 Days of Christmas

…sort of.

Welcome to the first 12 days of December.

We’re doing an unofficial holiday countdown over the next 12 days to help you Give, Love and Enjoy December.

Be sure to check back each day!

This month our focus will be on the theme of Give, Love and Enjoy.


Give the gift of beautiful products.


I’ll share beautiful/healthy things I love this time of year.


These gift Ideas are for you to enjoy. Enjoy your own time, family time and take time to reflect on your year and your goals for 2018.

Starting on December 1, I’ll give you a new gift idea for the next 12 days. We hope you’ll share and try these gift ideas. Use these as a list of gift ideas for your own Christmas Shopping. It’s so easy. Just order online and they will be delivered to your home. It will take 3 – 5 business days to ship, depending on where you live in Canada. Enjoy!

Days Until Christmas